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You Might Be a Zombie If...

A well thought out post from 'wrongthink'...

You Might Be a Zombie If...

  • You believe that the winners of all historic conflicts have always been the good guys.
  • Most of your understanding of the world comes from legacy media.
  • There is hardly any deviation between your views and those of the opinion molding class.
  • There exist organizations who censor anything which runs contrary to your beliefs.
  • You accept token rewards from authority for changing your own behavior.
  • Your personal devices still run the stock big tech software which came pre-installed.
  • Your outspokenness on issues only lasts for as long as they remain in the news cycle.
  • You aggress upon others, motivated by your (inherited) beliefs.
  • You spend most of your day thinking about entertainment media and/or your next fix of it.
  • You’ve consumed your way into a state of physical obesity.
  • You unironically use Goolag search, Gfail, GooTube or information mediated through any other tech giants.
  • You (think) you have nothing to hide.
  • A shartphone is your primary or only device.
  • Questions are never a part of your informational hygiene, only passive acceptance.
  • You legitimately believe that humanity faced the deadliest pathogen in known history through the early 2020s.
  • You are willing (or even eager) to impoverish your standard of living to mitigate the perceived threat of climate change.
  • Nothing is ever your decision, you were just following orders from above.
  • You haven’t read a single book since graduation day.
  • You weren’t able to get this far down the list without getting triggered or ragequitting this page.


One thought on “You Might Be a Zombie If...”

  1. Most people are yeah. They are in comatose state. Everything that happened the past few years proved that. Most people don’t even have any original ideas for life. Well except neurodivergent folks like autistic, ADHDers, etc. They are the most unique and pure people I have met. And look how they are treated. Just like LGBT folks have been treated for all of history. The societies are heavily anti-neurodivergent. Some of the points listed in the post may apply to neurodivergent folks. Still does not make them less of a human. About 98% population of the world don’t even know shit about neurodivergence like autism nor they have any interest to support or learn about disabled folks. Anyway, I am rambling I guess. From the way things are going, this world probably needs another 50 or 60 years before we have any real progress towards neurodivergent and mentally disabled folks, and if the society could get rid of it’s stigma, prejudices, and hatred by then.

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