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Why comparing everything bad to Hitler is bad

I really wish people would stop comparing everything bad to Hitler because they expose themselves as fools when they do. They haven't a clue who Adolph Hitler was or what his accomplishments were, much less do they possess a remotely accurate knowledge of the history of the period.

Those of us who have bothered to research beyond what has been force-fed to us in government schools and churned out by Hollywood and military propagandists have readily discovered that Hitler was well liked by the vast majority of Germans, so much so that i'm not sure any political leader in history has ever enjoyed as much support as he. Heads of state from around the world came to visit Hitler and more than a few economists wrote about the stunning achievements he made, many in a very short time.

Prior to the rise of Hitler, Germany was a sewer infested with pornography, crime, hyperinflation and low moral standards. Berlin was known by some as the sex capital of Europe where one could have sex with a deformed or pregnant whore, or with a child, or could pay to look inside a vagina. Worse, the once proud Germans were facing a communist takeover of their country and hyperinflation was so extreme that it literally cost millions of marks to buy a loaf of bread. People burned the useless paper to heat their homes or used it to paper their walls. In just a few years Hitler reversed this disastrous trend and restored the dignity of the German people that had been robbed from them by the war-profiteering psychopaths at Versailles. In turn, masses of Germans rewarded him with their support at the polls.

These facts are indisputable.

Stop believing the lies told by those who have monetized Hitler and the Jewish holocaust.

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