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Video: FOCUS and FEAR (Covid-19) by Larken Rose

While the information Larken provides in his video is invaluable, i'm not certain he fully understands the degree to which the reported numbers of COVID-19 deaths has been manipulated and falsified. For example, he does not mention here the fact that the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test, which is apparently the most used test for confirming COVID-19 infection, is not a test at all. PCR was never intended to be used to test anything, much less to test for the presence of this, or any other virus, and this comes directly from its inventor.

The PCR procedure involves 'cycling' the RNA or DNA sample in order to amplify it so that scientists have a larger sample to work with. There is apparently no standard as to the number of cycles one performs and i have read that labs in different countries, and even within the same country, are performing different numbers of cycles. The problem here is that, if an RNA sample is cycled only 10 times, pretty much nobody on earth would "test" positive for COVID-19, however if the number of cycles were sufficiently increased, pretty much everyone would "test" positive for the virus. This, in and of itself, indicates to me that the numbers of infections and deaths reported by the media are utterly meaningless.

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