5 thoughts on “UPDATE: Firefox user-overrides.js for arkenfox user.js”

  1. Also, how can I disable the https only mode and use the httpseverywhere instead as I have websites still using http (or is there a way to add exceptions to the built in https only mode of Firefox?).
    Thank you.

  2. Hi,
    Could you tell me what this is supposed to do?:
    user_pref(“extensions.screenshots.upload-disabled”, false); // [SET] [*PRIV=true] disable screenshots uploading
    If I set it to false or true it doesn’t change anything (Of course I allowed screenshot capabilities). I was expecting a tool to upload my screenshot to a web service on line…
    Thank you.

    1. apparently screenshots captured with the screenshot system add-on were uploaded to some mozilla site at one time, possibly without notifying the user – i don’t know whether that’s still true or not so i don’t have a good answer to your question – i delete all of the system add-ons and use an add-on for screen caps

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