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Big Tech sucks. Search engines and social media platforms are de-listing, censoring and deleting content left and right, including vital, life saving content. The Google's, Facebook's, Twitter's and YouTube's of the world are all willingly pushing uniform narratives in concert with whatever governments and intelligence communities feed them. Finding relevant information regarding sensitive or controversial topics is becoming more and more difficult each day. For an example of how this is happening, watch the video, Forget DEAD Internet: WEF & Google are DELETING It.

If you've been tooling around the web long enough, you may remember web rings and directories. A web ring is generally presented as a banner on someones personal website with links to visit other websites in the ring, all of which generally have a similar theme with regard to the content type. A directory is a similar concept but the websites listed may or may not share a similar theme. In light of Big Tech's bullshit, these tools are making a comeback. At the bottom of every page on you'll find a small image banner that leads to a directory of websites called the Alternative Information Directory. This resource is in a very early stage of development and everything, including the name, is subject to change. Also the list of websites contained therein is very incomplete, but it's a start. Anyone can submit a website to the directory upon which it will be reviewed and, if it meets the standards required by the directory administrates, it will be added.

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