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The Alternative Information Directory - countering Big Tech censorship

The Alternative Information Directory aims to put a small dent in Big Tech censorship by offering a categorized collection of higher quality websites containing thought provoking and relevant information that may not be readily found via mainstream search engines and social media platforms. High quality personal websites and blogs are especially valued, as are websites that publish news and information by capable, independent investigative journalists and researchers.

Those wanting to join or link to the directory should start here. If you know of a high-quality website you'd like to submit to the directory, you can leave a comment here (you need not be logged in or provide any personal details) or you can submit it on the directory website by email, or as an issue if you have a Codeberg account.

Anyone can of course link to the directory regardless of whether they are listed. It is suggested to use one of the official logo images here.

Alternative Information Directory

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