West Point Military Academy presentation on advanced bio-hacking technology - 2018


"If you change the past, you change human behavior [..] So to change human motivation, we don't have to persuade people. You can just change their memory. Think about the defensive and offensive capabilities of that."

15:55 Humans controlling humans
19:54 Experience can be "uploaded" to another (matrix-level upload)
20:25 DARPA - 500 deep-brain implants/hive mind
21:39 Bio-hacking
22:18 Night-vision eye drops
24:24 Chemical or device-driven augmentation
27:33 CRISPR / mRNA tech
28:56 Murder
31:56 DREADDS - Designer receptors remotely controlled
33:58 Activate function
35:22 Combining quantum computing with a "wet hard drive" (DNA)
37:15 Chinese DNA encryption
37:53 Memory
39:59 Erasing memories
51:23 Creating false memories MSM
52:33 Sampling info during sleep


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