The Google AI Sentience Psyop

Ryan Cristian discusses the "Google AI has become sentient" bullshit, the people behind the psyop, and what their agendas really are.

I have a long-time friend that writes neural networks and he confirmed that the state of AI is no where near what it is said to be. He said that some of the fundamental building blocks that developers are relying on are essentially garbage.

Ryan and Whitney make a lot of great points here and talk about how AI is a subject to be watched very closely. They posit that the sheep are being programed to accept AI as being smarter and more trustworthy than humans and how a shift is taking place from evil government to 'loving' AI that has our best interests in 'mind'. Of course that falls to pieces completely the instant one looks into who is running these programs and what their interests and backgrounds are.

BONUS - The Google AI Sentience Psyop with Ryan Cristian

In this bonus podcast of a video interview, Ryan and Whitney discuss the likely motives behind the claim that an AI at Google is "sentient" and has a "soul", including how it benefits the narratives within the new book co-written by Henry Kissinger and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt – "The Age of AI".


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