One thought on “The Dark Side of Artificial Intelligence - Terence McKenna”

  1. Sounds about right, during one of my best medicinal experiences I saw my own machinery in a way that made even my most logical mind a bit uncomfortable. But I think the talk is missing one key element: the soul .. I think the body is the machine that transceivers its creativity from another realm. Also, a lot of propaganda out there about AI so I think people may be a bit into the machine side where they appear to just love for us to fear their powerful technology. I would love to hear him explore what I believe is the only thing keeping entropy from destroying all the machines: the soul(s). Basically, I think the body and mind are the autonomous robots (some more than others) and the soul or souls are the operators and the real creators which have a source (universe or god if you will) and may be connected more direly to source or less directly by taxing other soul. I think it is that simple. I do believe silicon could host souls, however, important to explore the higher realms (law) that govern even that: free will and consent.

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