Sony's lawyers threaten Quad9, impact could be global

The moronic jackasses at Sony are in the process of litigation with Quad9, a DNS resolver which Sony says is resolving a domain that links to copyrighted content, and a jackass judge in Germany is favoring Sony.

That such a lawsuit would be allowed to occur at all is a glaring testament to the cartoonish state of corruption and censorship that has permeated society. This suit is tantamount to a 3rd party suing a phone company because someone said something over the phone the 3rd party didn't like. Service providers, such as ISP's and DNS resolvers, should never have been tasked with policing the content on their networks.

Sony has almost certainly attacked Quad9 because they are a small company that cannot afford a lengthy legal battle. Their suit, along with the farcical judgment of German judge, presents them with a chance to set a legal precedent which could open the door to global censorship of the internet by forcing DNS resolvers to stop resolving any domain which some idiotic corporate fat-ass has a problem with.

Namoi Brockwell and some folks from Quad9 explain the details and the far reaching implications...

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