Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden tells the real story of Nikola Tesla

Tom Bearden, who unfortunately died in 2022, invented an over-unity energy device he called the Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (MEG). Tom was a remarkable, intelligent man who studied the works of one of the most underrated, misunderstood inventors of all time, Nikola Tesla. Tesla, who held over 700 patents, gave us much of the technology we have today, including AC electricity and wireless communication. He died a poor, lonely man in a crappy hotel room in New York City, after which his papers were stolen by government agencies.

Understanding people like Bearden and Tesla offers a crucial key to understanding how our potential as human beings has been robbed from us by greedy psychopaths, such as J. P. Morgan, who care only about money, power and control.

An archived version of Bearden's website: The Tom Bearden Website

The TRUE Story of Nikola Tesla - by Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden - Free Energy Device Explained

Youtube continue to delete videos from Dutch Sinse's channel so I am archiving this one here. This awesome interview loaded with mind-blowing information crushes the shills who claim that zero point energy is fake. This Lt. Col. "I basically just explained to you how to make a free energy device".

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4 thoughts on “Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden tells the real story of Nikola Tesla”

    1. Nikola Tesla had a mind far beyond almost all modern minds. The modern human mind is destroyed, for the most part, wrecked by controlling factors(ie TV), heavy metals(in pharmacuticals and enviroment), etc. Tesla was renound for building engines in his mind and running them for months to measure bearing wear, he had a divine mind. He was destroyed by the powers of his day like edison, and left poor and alone to go mad while his genius could have uplifted humanity into a golden age.

      1. True. That’s what the guy above said. He was neurodivergent. Had some autistic triats. Autistic people are neurodivergent and autism is one of the most significant on neurodiversity paradigm. There is a lot of misinformation, stigma, and prejudices in the society about autism. Spread by ignorant people, media, and doctors/professionals themselves who know not much about autism anyway. I mean spending a few weeks on r/autism or r/neurodiversity or any other autistic community would tell you more about autism and autistic people than any non-autistic person could. We need to stop with things like divine mind. He just had neurodivergent brain. And he did more for this world than most could ever dream of. The AC system we have running everywhere (in homes, offices, buildings, industries, etc like literally everywhere on this planet) and that is powering most electrical and electronic devices/equipments is thanks to him. Otherwise we would be dealing with shitty system of that narcissist Edison.

        Tesla spread light in the whole world. But like you said how he was treated and what did the world did for him, well just like most autistic and neurodivergent people are treated in this world. This world is highly anti-autism and against autistic people. I mean people say things like autism issues and autistic behavior but they don’t even know that most of them are trauma and abuse induced. Autistic people are just born different, some with issues and some not so much, it’s a neurodevelopmental disorder afterall. And it should not be expected of them to morph themselves into someone/something else for society and other people. Even masking is very bad and causes many issues later on. They should be allowed to pursue their dreams and passions. And with right support from people around them, many of them can do wonders due to their neurodivergent brains. But sadly we live in ableist societies. So, you are right that he could do even more for this world and humanity but like I said before he already did a lot for this world than this world ever did for him. We live on a shithole planet anyway designed to suck all the beauty out of you, and where everything has to kill/consume another to survive. Whoever designed this world was most probably not in it’s right mind or is just a narcissist and psychopath.

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