Jewish Aggregation of Capital and the Suppression of Innovation - Harry Vox

Jewish Aggregation of Capital and the Suppression of Innovation

12bytes: If you look in a dictionary for the definition of eccentric, Harry's picture ought to be there. His raw passion and no-holds-barred approach to the topics he discusses are overwhelmingly present in most of his talks. What Harry often doesn't make clear is that he doesn't put all Jews in the same box. He has Jewish friends he tells us. Most importantly, what he says about what i call the Jewish mafia, is usually very apparent in that any alert person can immediately recognize the tremendous influence these parasitic criminals have in all of our major institutions.

In this video Harry briefly sums up my own thoughts regarding some of the barriers to innovation and a near complete lack of innovation in roughly the last 50 years. If that sounds odd to the reader, especially in the age of rapid development in the technology sector, ask your self what we have done that is of any major significance since we landed on the moon. There has been nothing invented since that time that approaches the significance of the internal combustion engine or the computer. Electric cars date back to the 40's or 50's. What we think of as computers dates back to the 60's, perhaps earlier. Turbine engines used on air planes made their appearance in National Socialist Germany as far as i'm aware. The point is, we have been largely reusing and improving upon existing technology rather than inventing anything genuinely new.

There's an "Innovation Gap"! Per capita innovation in the West has plummeted. The Jewish monopolies prefer it that way. So they took over the USPatent Office and transformed it into an engine in the further consolidation of power into Jewish hands.


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