How to get your website hacked and blame it on the hacker - For Dummies!

Despite the excuses-riddled garbage pumped out by the recently hacked website, Brand New Tube (BNT), a video sharing platform (with the dumbest name ever), i didn't intend to write about the hack until today after i received another retarded email from them.

Yes, if you didn't already know, Brand New Tube had it's database swiped and publicized by a hacker and, as if that weren't embarrassing enough, it was apparently the same hacker that swiped it 2 years ago and they apparently used a very similar technique to do it.

BrandNewTube (2022) Database - Leaked, Download! | BreachForums

In approximately August 2022, the Alt-Right Video sharing platform BrandNewTube suffered a data breach that impacted 347k members. The breach included Email addresses, Private messages, Videos posted, Comments, IP Addresses, Genders, Usernames and Passwords stored as SHA-1 hashes. Due to BrandNewTube using an outdated hashing method, it allowed many passwords to be rapidly cracked. The breach occurred because of a 2 year old vulnerability, which was the same way it was hacked back in 2020. The website was breached by the same threat actor in both instances, @thrax.

Compromised data: Email addresses, Private messages, Videos posted, Comments, IP Addresses, Genders, Usernames, Passwords

In a technologically sane world, one might imagine that the hackee ought to take responsibility for the security vulnerabilities exposed by the hacker, not once, but twice, however apparently those running the BNT site would prefer to do nothing for 2 years, manufacture excuses, and shift the blame to the hacker and Big Tech.

By the way, i learned of the hack from the hackers first. Only later did i receive an email from BNT and today i received another from them that reinforces and expands upon the excuses contained in the first email. Let's have a look, shall we...


Firstly, again, we would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused by the recent hack to our site by a malicious hacker. This hacker is a despicable individual who tried to present him/herself as someone who was trying to show BNT had weak tech.

TRANSLATION: Firstly, again, we would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused by the second hack to our site by the same malicious hacker who hacked it the first time using essentially the same technique because we were too dumb to address the problem properly 2 years ago. This hacker is a despicable individual who tried to present him/herself as someone who was trying to show BNT had weak tech, a fact which they demonstrated quite well... twice.

The reality is he/she tried to cause chaos and spread lies as well as misinformation. The hacker has got more and more desperate sending longer and longer emails (who does that?) with lie after lie in them in a desperate bid to stop the good work this platform and its content creators have been doing over the last two years.

Yeah, who does that; who sends longer and longer emails, like this latest blame-shifting, excuses-riddled crap from BNT?

You can see from their recent desperate attempts in their emails they focus on the CEO of BNT and Sonia Poulton, the fantastic journalist of 30 years who spent most of her life exposing child abuse and pedophiles.

Interesting how she has been the main focus of their target?

Thanks for pointing that out. And here i had mistakenly thought that they might possibly have had some interest in exposing the security vulnerability that you failed to properly fix 2 years ago.

Please also do not open any links they send you as clearly they will attach devises of some sort to hack or spy on you.

WHAT! I'll be right back. I have to see if any "devices" are attached to me!

We are complying and co operating with the ICO and have 2 years ago as well as during this hack & We will be back up in a few days with a massive tech security uplift.

Have you ever wondered if you could've saved yourselves the trouble had you fixed the problem the first time? Just askin'.

We advise you all make new email addresses specifically for BNT and sign up with unique passwords for your BNT account only.

This way you can enjoy the new look BNT and though we will always face attacks from desperate degenerate individuals who have nothing better to do than live a criminal life, we will survive and keep on fighting for the truth and the vulnerable.

The only thing i'm interested in seeing on the "new" site is the "delete your account" button.

You will be aware that many large tech companies have been hacked and 10s of millions of their data stolen and sold. Recently Bitchute was hacked and thieves stole 3 million users data and sold them on allegedly.

Right, so obviously the logical thing to do here is to essentially ignore the problem and alleviate all responsibility for not fixing it by rolling out the good ol' "after all, everybody gets hacked!" excuse the next time it happens.

Some reporting on the BNT hack and attacking the CEO of BNT and Sonia Poulton as well as making lies up about them had been nowhere in sight 'reporting' on the other hacks? VERY STRANGE?

Can someone translate that into English for me?

We hope you will join us in our next part of our journey as we look to become one of the biggest platforms for truth in the World.

Good luck with that.


Change your password that you had for your email address.
Never use the same password for your email attached to your BNT account as you do for other devices and personal/business email addresses etc
Change your email address to a specific one for your BNT account. You wont get lies and disinformation from the hackers and that will make them swallow their dummies and choke, hopefully.

Yeah, someone swallowed a dose of dummy alright, and that evil dummy hacker was smart enough to outsmart you. Twice. Who's the dummy now?

Report any email address of the hackers to the ICO and never fall for any links they send, they are thieves after all.
Any day now your new look BNT platform is coming back bigger and better then watch those dogs bark on deaf ears.

I'll be sure to do that. "Hey, hacker, gimme your email address so i can report you in order to stop the 'dogs barking on my ears'?"

Kind Regards, Team BNT

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