Determine music artist and song title from various sources

I really like the videos by ' JohnnyQ90' who is a very capable machinist, mechanic and hacker with regard to (very) small engines like those used in RC vehicles. At the end of every video he adds an interesting music track but i could never figure out what it was. There's at least several on-line platforms that one can use to identify music tracks from files, YouTube videos, etc., and the job is far easier if there are lyrics in the track, however in this case there isn't. Enter SongRec, an "open-source Shazam client for Linux, written in Rust", which alleviates the tracking/3rd party garbage associated using an on-line "app".

Using yt-dlp i downloaded the audio track from one of  Johnny's videos, then cropped the track so that only the ending music remained (i happened to use Shotcut because using FFmpeg directly is a pain in the ass). Upon feeding the track to SongRec i learned that it's a clip from 'Teenage Lullaby' by 'Ooyy'.

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