(Almost) Everything You Wanted to Know About Every (Incredibly Shitty) Web Browser Out There

The modern web is an f'n joke, and so is every single mainstream (and not so mainstream) web browser. With wildly unnecessary use of JavaScript (this site included...for the moment), and malware, tracking, fingerprinting, data harvesting and reliance upon a plethora of intrusive 3rd parties for frameworks, fonts, analytics, CAPTCHA's, content delivery networks, scripts, ads, completely useless bullshit, etc., today's web has become a gigantic, privacy-hating shit-hole and, as a consequence, so has every modern web browser.

For a very long time i have recommended Firefox hardened with the 'arkenfox' user.js and some crucial extensions for anyone that cares about privacy and security, not because i'm any sort of Firefox fanboy (i hate Mozilla) but because i see Firefox as the only candidate that is best suited to privacy hardening at this time. In other words, i believe Firefox to be the lessor evil, but evil nonetheless. It's a very sad state of affairs but that's where we're at.

To know more about why all modern web browsers are crap, i highly recommend the articles, How to choose a browser for everyday use?, Mozilla - Devil Incarnate and my own article, The Mozilla Monster. My only niggles with the first piece is that i don't see uMatrix as being irreplaceable and i certainly don't see Pale Moon as a viable alternative to a hardened Firefox.

One thought on “(Almost) Everything You Wanted to Know About Every (Incredibly Shitty) Web Browser Out There”

  1. Mozilla Firefox is a controlled opposition. Like they say “always follow trail of money” and we know from where Mozilla gets most of it’s revenue. There is a very long history of anti-user decisions at Mozilla. They may abandon Manifest v2 (remember WebExtension fiasco?) sooner or later screwing up ad and content blockers like uBO.

    I want to point out your “absurdity of choice in Linux” article here. Why do we need so many Linux distros, package managers, and other things? Most are same shit anyway, it’s Linux underneath afterall. It’s not a lot of difference like when you shift from a Linux distro to FreeBSD or any other BSD OS. Anyway, point is there is huge amount of wasted time, energy, money, resources, etc which can be better spent elsewhere like making a decent web browser (all mainstream web browsers are shit). And I am sure the community can do that, Linux is a great example of it.

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