All browsers suck, and it's all YOUR fault!

Ryo's Izakaya: All browsers suck, and it's all YOUR fault!

Browser devs are at fault for all giving up on their own browser engines in favor for becoming basically a Chromium (including QtWebEngine) skin.

That’s not the only camp, but still the biggest.

The other 2 alternatives are Crapple’s WebKit (or WebKitGTK from Gnome), which is what Goolag was made out of, or Cuckzilla’s Gecko, which gets over 90% funded by Goolag.

The only alternatives to these 3 left are Pale Meme (which too has mountains of problems like hating Tor, websoyte being Cuckflared, among other stuff), Netsurf which is still far from ready, Dillo which can’t display many websoytes which I’ll get into in a moment, w3m/Links/Lynx which are all terminal-based browsers and thus suffer from similar problems as Netsurf and Dillo, Bombadillo and Lagrange which aren’t made to display HTTP but they display Gemini instead, and a bunch of dual/triple engine browsers (usually Trident and WebKit, sometimes Gecko too) all made by Chinese glowies.


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