2020 election mail-in fraud from a technological POV

This very interesting interview not only covers massive 2020 mail-in ballot election fraud from a technological point of view, but also details how cellular phones are tracked, how data is collected, how the data is marketed, how wide-spread the fraud was and how difficult it was to acquire the evidence. In total there were 4.8 million illegal ballots and this covers only mail-in ballot fraud at drop-boxes specifically. This number does not include ballots that were mailed through the post office and the data covers only Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin.

This presentation includes video from ballot drop-off boxes surveillance cameras which clearly shows several "mules" committing these felonies, some wearing gloves in order to not transfer their fingerprints to the ballot envelopes. These people earn between $10 and $40 per ballot according to the evidence collected.

How They Rigged the Election pt. 2

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