subscribe to content updates by email

For some pages you can subscribe by email to be notified when the page is updated. These mails are usually infrequent and i don't send them when the changes are minor.

subscribe to comments

If you leave a comment on a post or page you will have the option to be notified via email of all future comments on that post/page.

subscribe to RSS/news feeds

If you want to subscribe to news feeds you'll need a feed reader. Some web browsers and email clients have one built-in, however it may be rather rudimentary. If you would rather use a web browser extension, check the extension repository for your browser. For Firefox it is (you can find my preferred feed reader here). There are also many stand-alone feed readers for whatever operating system you're using, whether it be Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, etc..

  • Main RSS feed - This feed lists all new blog posts.
  • Comments RSS feed - This feed lists al recent visitor comments for the entire website.
  • To subscribe to a feed for a particular topic, just add /feed after the topic URL. You can find the list of topics at the bottom of every page.