Categories and RSS feeds

If you want to subscribe to news feeds (RSS/ATOM), you will need a feed reader. Some web browsers and email clients have one built-in, however it may be rather rudimentary. If you would rather use a web browser extension, check the extension repository for your browser. For Firefox it is (you can find my preferred feed reader here). There are also many stand-alone feed readers for whatever operating system you're using, whether it be Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, etc..

Main ( RSS feed ) - This feed lists all new blog posts
Comments ( RSS feed ) - This feed lists new visitor comments for the entire website 1
[categories show_count=true style='' feed=' RSS feed ']

  1. You can subscribe to visitor comments for a specific page by adding /feed after the page address.


If you leave a comment on an article, you will have the option to be notified via email when future comments are posted.

You can subscribe to the comment RSS feeds if you want to be notified when a new comment has been left on the website, or on a specific article or post. You will need a feed reader as described in the "Categories and RSS feeds" above: