Privacy policy

The privacy policy for is located here. The tl;dr (too long; didn’t read) version: I’m a privacy advocate myself, so you’re in good hands.

Social media

Because i do not support criminal corporations, you won’t find on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, however i do post occasionally on diaspora*.

Post notifications

Post notifications are the best way to be notified of content updates for specific topics. Notifications are sent via email. Upon subscribing you will receive a conformation email with a link that will lead you back here where you can then select the categories for which you want to receive notifications.

RSS feeds

If you want to subscribe to news feeds (RSS/ATOM), you will need a feed reader. Some web browsers and email clients have one built-in, however it may be rather rudimentary. If you want a browser extension, check the extension repository for your browser. For Firefox it is There are also many stand-alone feed readers for whatever operating system you may be using, whether it be Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, etc..

Main website RSS feeds

The News feed contains a list of all the latest blog posts and the comments feed contains a list of all the latest comments left by visitors for the entire website. In addition you can subscribe to visitor comments for a specific page (you can simply add /feed after the page address).

Category specific RSS feeds

These feeds contain a list of new blog posts for specific categories.


If you leave a comment on a blog post or page where comments are enabled, you have the option to be notified of new comments by email. You can unsubscribe any time.