Site updates regarding Firefox

I made some very minor changes to the The Firefox Privacy Guide For Dummies! guide and added the ETag Stoppa add-on by 'claustromaniac' to the suggested add-ons list.

More importantly, i received a pile of good questions from a reader regarding the hardening of Firefox which i turned in to a FAQ page, FAQ: Firefox Hardening. There's a lot good stuff there you may want to check out. Feel free to drop any questions there you might have.

4 thoughts on “Site updates regarding Firefox”

    1. don’t use it is my thought :)
      i totally get your mistrust of Moz and i used to use WF myself, however here’s my personal reasons for using nothing except the standard release (or ESR) of Firefox…

      as ‘pants’ noted over at the ‘arkenfox’ user.js project when i brought up Waterfox, our web browser is some of the most important software we use since it’s our gateway to the www and trusting the integrity of that software to a tiny team or one man show is a really bad idea for several reasons, one being that security patches may not be applied in a timely manner

      i have nothing against the Waterfox or other 3rd party developers, but their their work does indeed lag behind Mozilla and sometimes by many months, plus they simply don’t have the wealth of resources at their disposal that Moz has

      lastly, there is little or nothing that you can achieve with WF that you can’t with Firefox, it just takes a tiny bit more tweaking

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