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Non ‘Fake News’ news sources worth looking at

Having learned long ago that the (legacy) mainstream news media cannot be trusted, i turned to the web and the alternative news realm. Over the course of a dozen years or more, i have added and removed many news sources from my ever-changing list of alternative news sources as i discovered new ones and purged those which i thought were generally untrustworthy. Though i believe the following sources of alternative news are generally accurate, keep in mind that all of them get things wrong at times. For example, larger organizations usually have many contributing writers and some of those writers may produce garbage, so it is up to you to research what you read and decide who to believe.

General news sources

Note that all of the news sources here focus largely on politics and foreign policy.

Specialized sews sources

How to get feed URL’s

Many websites and several video platforms do not make their news feeds easily accessible, but you can often find or assemble them quite easily.

Getting news feeds for YouTube

YouTube apparently no longer makes their news feeds for user channel easily available, yet creating the feed URL is easy enough. Using Carey Wedler’s YouTube channel as an example, preform the following steps:

  1. On Carey’s YouTube channel, click on any of Carey’s videos to load the video page.
  2. On the video page, mouse over the name of the channel author, in this case ‘Carey Wedler’, right-click on her name and from your browser context menu, select ‘Copy Link Location’ (or similar) and paste the URL somewhere, such as a text editor. In this case the URL is
  3. It is the channel ID that we need, so delete everything up to and including the last slash which in this case leaves us with UCs84giQmEVI8NXXg78Fvk2g
  4. Using the template paste Carey’s channel ID after the ‘=’ character and this will give us the URL of Carey’s news feed for her YouTube channel:

Getting news feeds for BitChute

Like YouTube, BitChute also does not make their news feeds for channel authors easily available, but they are easy to build. Here we will use The Corbett Report BitChute channel as our example:

  1. On the channel page, copy the URL in your browser address bar, in this case
  2. The channel ID is what we need which, in this case, is obviously corbettreport
  3. Using the following template, paste corbettreport after and add a trailing slash which gives us the news feed URL for The Corbett Report BitChute channel:

Getting news feeds for Vimeo

Vimeo uses a format similar to YouTube. Using the Truthstream Media Vimeo channel as an example, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to the channel page and copy the user name or numeric channel ID from the URL in your browser address bar, in this case truthstreammedia.
  2. Using the template[CHANNELID]/videos/rss, replace “[CHANNELID]” with the user name or numeric ID, which in this case gives us the Truthstream Media Vimeo feed URL: You can also try using another template for pulling the channel feed instead of the user feed. This template here is[CHANNELID]/videos/rss.

Getting news feeds for websites that don’t advertise one

Even though a website does not make their news feed easily available, and even if your browser does not detect one, you may still be able to pull a news feed if their publishing platform produces one by simply adding feed/ or rss/ or atom/ (try with and without the trailing slash) after the base domain name. For example, the The Bureau of Investigative Journalism website does not seem to offer a link to their news feeds, nor does my browser detect one, but if we add feed after, which results in, we will be forwarded to their RSS news feed, We can also add feed/atom to the domain and we can then pull their ATOM news feed: You can try this little hack with any website, though it will not work if their publishing platform does not produce a feed.

Also see the article, Find an RSS Feed URL, from ‘Gloo’.

If a website does not produce a news feed at all and you don’t want to have to visit it regularly to see if anything new was posted, then some sort of 3rd party service or browser extension can be utilized. In the case of Firefox there are a few add-ons that can monitor a website for changes and one such add-on is Update Scanner.

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