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Reddit-like free speech platform Voat.co announces x-mas shutdown


Reddit, as many of us know, has become a liberal left-wing Zionist-Marxist hug-box that has long abandoned anything resembling the free speech edict upon which its co-founder, Aaron Swartz, had based it. As a result of systemic and Orwellian censorship which forced users off the platform, Reddit's refugees began looking for alternatives and many of them flocked to Voat, originally named WhoaVerse, which launched in 2014 and which promised to hold free speech in the highest regard, a promise which it seems to have largely kept.

Yesterday, the CEO of Voat, Justin Chastain who uses the alias 'PuttItOut' on the platform, shocked the platforms users with an announcement that the site would be shut down on Christmas day, December, 25, 2020.

I will lay Voat upon the cross on December 25th 2020 at 12 noon PST. I have chosen Christmas as the day to do so in honor of the only True thing you will find in this world and that is Jesus Christ, the son of God, and the only way to the Father. I chose 12 noon in honor of the twelve disciples who spread the message of salvation to the world. In this way, my hope is that perhaps 12 people will carry the cross for Freedom of Speech and sacrifice part of their lives for an ideal in the way I did, but hopefully with much more success, glory, and reward.

Chastain provided two primary reasons for the closure, one being mental and the other being financial.

It's embarrassing but it's true, I just can't keep it up. I've tried meditation, I've tried prayer, I've tried reaching out for help. Some solutions worked for a little while but nothing has remedied the underlying issue. No matter what I do, I simply just can't keep it up. I expect most will be disappointed and let down, while others will just point and laugh. So be it, it's a problem every man like me will face at some point.


What happened

I fight not being bitter and resentful. You see, this wasn't supposed to happen, at least not now. The short of it is that the "Angel" defaulted on the contract in March 2020. This is when Voat lost all of it's funding. I personally decided to keep Voat up until after the U.S. election of 2020. I've been paying the costs out of pocket but now I'm out of money.

UPDATE/CORRECTION: I had here information about Bitcoin wallets which i assumed were associated with Voat and which contained well over $2m USD. In my mind this brought Chastain's claim of being out of money into question. Given that i do not posses sufficient knowledge about how wallets work and what types there are, it appears that my assumptions were wrong and that Voat does not control anything close to $2m according to comments left on Voat and other social platforms. Indeed, Chastain and Voat may well be broke and his words may well be honest and as heartfelt as they appear.

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