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Broken Link Checker

broken link

I got fed-up on waiting well over a YEAR (more like 2 i think) for the developer of the WordPress plugin, Broken Link Checker, to fix his/her buggy-ass code, and so i wrote my own buggy-ass code :)

I gave my script the same name as the WordPress plugin just to poke them in the eye a bit (fully expecting i may have to change it in the future after an obligatory refusal period).

Broken Link Checker is a bash shell script (think Linux - i don't do windows) that will extract all URL's from a text file, such as a ClassicPress or WordPress XML export file, check each one using cURL, then write the broken links to a text file. With a slight modification of a single configuration option the script should be able to work with virtually any text-based source file, database export file, etc..

The script seems to be working quite well, however don't expect it to be as comprehensive as the WordPress plugin, or as broken (knock on wood). In the future i may add more functionality, such as attempting to find links to cached copies of no longer existing pages on one of the archive websites.

The code is on Codeberg and the download links are in the 'readme' file.

Feel free to report bugs or feature requests either here or on the repo.

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