MUST SEE: Understanding Big Pharma's Propaganda Machine (video) | Ben Swann

The second article published in my ongoing vaccine series is Vaccines – What You Need To Know: The new Gold Rush and in it is the following video that i think everyone should see. Ben Swann is generally a very good researcher and he really nails it in this video regarding the blatant conflicts of interest and pseudo-science churned out by 'Big Pharma' and their minions.

One of the important facts Ben brings to light is that medical advice offered by physicians, who may have entirely pure intentions, cannot be trusted because they are being lied to. Also keep in mind that the information contained in the video is a small part of much larger whole.

Afternoon News Bytes – Iran – 23-Jun-2019

The Fact That Americans Need To Be Deceived Into War Proves They Don't Actually Support It — Puppet Masters —

Carlson's first guest, The American Conservative's Robert Merry, plainly stated the likely reason for Bolton's deceitful manipulations, saying that Americans are typically reluctant to go to war and citing a few of the historical instances in which they were tricked into consenting to it by those who desire mass military violence.

"So, you're saying that there is a long, almost unbroken history of lying our way into war?" Carlson asked his guest rhetorically."

Lying sometimes, not always lying, sometimes it's manipulations, but yeah," Merry replied. "America's warmaking history indicates that there's been significant instances of that kind of maneuvering, manipulations, and in some instances lying – Vietnam is a great example – to get us into wars that the American people weren't clamoring for."

US launched cyber-strike against Iran while backing away from military attack – report — RT World News

A week before the attack, John Bolton, the hawkish presidential adviser and arguably the major cheerleader in the feud with Iran, revealed that the US is ramping up offensive cyber operations against its adversaries. The list included the usual suspects of Russia, Iran, China and North Korea.

The puppet and his puppet master: 'Stay tuned': Bolton warns of more US sanctions on Iran – Ruptly

US National Security Advisor John Bolton warned Iran not to 'mistake US prudence and discretion for weakness.' He was speaking at a joint news conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem on Sunday.

Crazed US Government: As We Face "Armageddon" the Western World Is Leaderless – Global Research

The moronic warmongers in high office—Bolton, Pompeo, and Pence—and their Israel Lobby masters are determined, and they have not abandoned their campaign for war with Iran. Of course, the liars say that Iran will just accept its punishment for defending its territory and there will be no war. But this is not what Iran says. I believe Iran.

Trump Has a $259 Million Reason to Bomb Iran – Global Research

Much analysis of Trump's slide toward war with Iran has focused on his hawkish national security adviser, John Bolton, who, reportedly requested options from the Pentagon to deploy as many as 120,000 troops to the Middle East and hit Iran with 500 missiles per day. Bolton is the loudest voice inside the White House pushing for a military escalation to the administration's "maximum pressure" strategy.


Yet, there's another omnipresent influence on Trump: $259 million given by some of the GOP's top supporters to boost his campaign in 2016 and support Republican congressional and senate campaigns in 2016 and 2018.

Those funds came from Sheldon and Miriam Adelson, Paul Singer and Bernard Marcus, donors who have made no secret, both through public statements and funding think tanks that support military action against Iran, of their desire for the United States to destroy the Islamic Republic.

Iran Had the Legal Right to Shoot Down US Spy Drone – Global Research

Iran has the legal right to control its own airspace. The United States has no lawful claim of self-defense that would justify a military attack on Iran.

Both the U.S. and Iran are parties to the Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation, which provides "that every State has complete and exclusive sovereignty over the airspace above its territory."

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Morning News Bytes – 22-Jun-2019

"Come Heavily Armed": Oregon Senator Threatens Violence As Governor Hunts Down Lawmakers | Zero Hedge

A standoff between Republican and Democratic Oregon state senators escalated on Friday after Governor Kate Brown (D) authorized state police to track down Republican lawmakers who have stalled a vote on carbon credit legislation by walking out and refusing to vote.

The 5G Dragnet

Telecom companies are currently scrambling to implement fifth-generation cellular network technology. But the world of 5G is a world where all objects are wired and constantly communicating data to one another. The dark truth is that the development of 5G networks and the various networked products that they will give rise to in the global smart city infrastructure, represent the greatest threat to freedom in the history of humanity.

The toxic world of social media | Brasscheck TV