About that 'Maximize All Windows' add-on for Firefox…

I asked the developer of the 'Maximize All Windows' add-on if he'd be willing to create a minimalist version without the extra features, the goal being to only maximize the Firefox window when it starts and nothing more, and, less than 2 hours later, he released Maximize All Windows (Minimalist Version)! Thank you 'ericchase'! I updated the link in Firefox Tweaks and Fixes and Styles and Things.

Small update: Firefox Tweaks and Fixes and Styles and Things

Firefox Tweaks and Fixes and Styles and Things was updated slightly, but one of the additions is well worth mentioning, and it is the Maximize All Windows add-on by 'ericchase'.

The privacy.resistFingerprinting preference does several things in order to help prevent browser fingerprinting (if it's not enabled, ENABLE IT!), one of them being to set a generic viewport size when Firefox starts. The problem is that Firefox won't remember its last window size upon restart, so if you maximize the window and then restart, it likely won't be maximized. While this may be an annoyance to some (me), there is good reason for it since the viewport size, which is knowable by a website if JavaScript is enabled, is much more unique than, for example, the User-Agent. For those willing to sacrifice some privacy, give Maximize All Windows a try. This works far better than the tutorial (deleted) i had on the tweaks page which leveraged window manager options of the OS.

Firefox user-overrides.js update

I updated my user-overrides.js for Firefox. Changes include…

* added 'network.trr.mode'
* added 'network.trr.uri'
* added 'network.connectivity-service.*' prefs to testing section
* added 'mathml.disabled'
* added 'browser.download.folderList'
* added 'app.update.silent'
* added 'app.update.service.enabled'
* added 'network.predictor.enabled'
* removed 'network.dnsCacheExpiration'
* removed 'network.dnsCacheExpirationGracePeriod'
* removed 'intl.locale.requested'
* shortened the syntax error check regular expression

There's some cleanup done to the 'ghacks' user.js, so be sure to update it using their updater script followed by running their prefsCleaner script. Do this with Firefox closed. Need help? See Obtaining and maintaining the user preferences files. Leave a comment if that isn't enough.


Article update: The Firefox Privacy Guide For Dummies!

I updated The Firefox Privacy Guide For Dummies!. Among the changes…

  • added HTTPZ
  • added Site Bleacher and associated information
  • removed temporary profile info
  • lots of minor edits

The major addition is the Site Bleacher add-on which is the only (for the moment at least) Firefox extension that can clean IndexedDB storage on a per-site basis. No other cleaner extensions do this because of the limitations of the WebExt API, however the developer of Site Bleacher has apparently discovered a novel way of getting around this. I also tried to shorten the guide as much as i could.

Oh, i'll throw this in here as well; i published a privacy-centric user.js for Thunderbird recently. It's not super comprehensive, nor will i pay nearly as much attention to it as my Firefox stuff, but it covers most/all of the major privacy issues with Thunderbird.