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The history of Monsanto (now Bayer), 1901-2014

This article was written in 2014 before Monsanto was absorbed by Bayer. One of the most striking realizations while reading it is how in the hell such an evil corporation could have possibly weathered so many storms and remain functioning. It nearly boggles the mind, until of course one realizes the role the legacy (mainstream) media plays. And today Monsanto/Bayer is being tested yet again with the massive attention being given to glyphosate and the utterly disastrous effects this toxin and carcinogen has and continues to wreck upon the planet and the people. One might think that the glyphosate scandal will surely sink the Bayer ship, but it likely will not. Bayer surely knew about the many legal problems Monsanto was facing, yet they acquired the company anyway. I can only speculate as to the why of it, but i think one possibility is that Monsanto might have sunk on their own and so a deal was made with Bayer.

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Act NOW to Stop the Zionist Anti-Free-Speech Plot - HR 336

From Jake Morphonios ...

HR 336 is a terrible set of proposed laws being considered by the House of Representatives. This bill increases US tax funding for Israeli weapons, further obligates US troops to die for Israel & crushes free speech by those who choose to boycott Israeli goods over their mistreatment of native Palestinians. #BDS #Israel #HR336

To take action, visit https://www.blackstoneintel.com/hr336

Yellow Vest Fever | RT Documentary

From the description...

Yellow Vests protests have been sweeping over France since November 2018. Priscillia Ludosky, who launched the anti-tax petition that sparked the movement; Ghislain Coutard, who came up with the idea of using warning vests as a symbol; and Jerome Rodrigues, who became the face of the movement after being partially blinded by a rubber bullet, explain why common people in small-town France are so angry.