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MUST WATCH: "The Big Secret" - The history of Rockefeller medicine (video)

Apparently the full documentary, "The Big Secret" - The history of Rockefeller medicine, is only available for free until the 25th, so watch it now and share it!

From the Brasscheck description:

According to the documentary, “The Big Secret,” unethical profiteering on the public’s health can be traced back to John D. Rockefeller, (1839–1937) a wealthy U.S. industrialist credited with creating much of our current medical system. Specifically, Rockefeller’s foundations along with the Carnegie foundation, revamped medical schools to emphasize the use of drugs made by companies they owned, instead of a less-drug intensive model that had been in use in schools.

This “drugs first” approach to health care continues today at medical schools and in traditional medical practice, both of which are enmeshed with Big Pharma. The “patent medicines” Rockefeller pushed have simply been replaced by brand name drugs.

Meet Jared Taylor, the 'white supremacist'

In a news post earlier today i linked to a short article, CNN's Zakaria Interviews Godfather of White Nationalism, Regrets it Immediately, which included two interviews with Jared Taylor, the founder and editor of the on-line publication, American Renaissance.

I don't know anything about Taylor other than what i learned from the two video interviews, nor do recall ever reading anything from American Renaissance. I did a quick search for his name and the first results were exactly as i suspected:

Wikipedia: Samuel Jared Taylor is an American white supremacist. He is the founder and editor of American Renaissance, a white supremacist online magazine.

Southern Poverty Law Center: Taylor is the founder of the New Century Foundation and edited its now-discontinued American Renaissance magazine, which, despite its pseudo-academic polish, regularly published proponents of eugenics and blatant anti-black and anti-Latino racists.

As someone who has written revisionist oriented articles about Germany, Hitler and the Jewish holocaust, and who is highly critical of the Jewish-Zionist criminal cabal, one might assume that i might be the kind of person that would readily subscribe to the ideology of white supremacism, Neo-Nazism, or some other flavor of supremacism. This is not the case however, nor does it appear to be true that Jared Taylor is a white supremacist, at least not from what he said during the video interviews conducted by CNN. What Taylor thinks privately or has said in the past, i have no idea, but regardless, i think he makes some excellent points regarding race mixing given the current social climate in much of the world.

Taylor certainly does not appear to be anything like the typical Neo-Nazi or Skinhead and, in fact, he is careful to distinguish himself from such critters. He does not advocate for a White European United States where all non-Europeans would be expelled. He does not appear to be against interracial communities or relationships. Basically, he seems to advocate for little more than the right of White Europeans to retain their culture, just as many other races do. The problem with this idea is that being White is no longer popular. Western governments, media and even colleges are demonizing Whites in full force and promoting multiculturalism at every opportunity and the real kicker is that much of this is being driven by some of the most racist people on the planet. If you wonder which people i'm referring to, ask yourself which state it is that was formed on the basis of religion, promotes multiculturalism and so-called diversity, yet refuses to practice what it preaches.

Taylor is no dummy. He is very articulate and seems knowledgeable about the subject of race and race mixing. In the both interviews with CNN he destroys virtually every attack and point raised by the interviewers and does so with elegance. His basic idea seems very simple; allow White Europeans, or any other race, to have the opportunity to live in communities without fear of dilution through forced race mixing if they so choose. He articulates what he thinks are inherent differences between races and the disaster that results from forcing one onto another. I don't agree with everything he says and i am certainly not convinced that racial differences regarding social behavior are a product of genetics. I think many of these differences are learned as a result of the environment in which one is born into and i think Taylor underplays the importance of this.

CNN of course chopped the interviews into soundbites that jive with their radical left political views in order to make Taylor look like a racist ass and so i recommend watching them in full.

CNN's Fareed Zakaria Interviews Jared Taylor (Full Interview)

CNN Interviews Jared Taylor on White Identity

Body Language - Trump Accuser E. Jean Carroll

I've been watching the videos by Bombard's Body Language for a while and they have made me realize how crucial body language is to determining whether one is being deceptive. What people say is only half of the picture. How they speak, and what they do while they're speaking is the other half.

In her latest video, Bombard analyzes yet another "woman" (i have to use that term loosely in this instance) that is accusing Donald Trump of rape. While i am no fan of Trump whatsoever, it is blatantly obvious that this moron is lying through her teeth about being raped and laughing at the same time. Her deception is so obvious that one need not have studied body language at all in order to detect her bullshit. Have a look for yourself...

Autism can be Cured with Chlorine Dioxide

Before we get to the article, i'd like to provide my personal perspective regarding the use of chlorine dioxide.

First and foremost, chlorine dioxide (aka MMS) is one powerful pathogen killer. Secondly, it tastes absolutely horrible, though apparently it's now available in different forms. Thirdly, and contrary to what the FDA says, it seems to be very safe as long as one generally follows the mixing instructions and protocols. I don't believe chlorine dioxide has killed anyone and apparently it has been used by hundreds of thousands of people. For example it kills malaria 100% of the time. Can Big Pharma make these claim?

Regarding the FDA, i read what they said regarding the "danger" of consuming chlorine dioxide and it's utterly laughable. For one, chlorine dioxide is used in industry to treat drinking water. It appears to be cheaper and safer than chlorine which is simply bleach. Oh, and NO, chlorine dioxide is NOT BLEACH as the media and other "professionals" claim! It is chemically different. You'd think the FDA would know this, and i'm sure they do, but they ignore this fact. Once one understands the scale of corruption and criminality in the healthcare industry, particularly where Big Pharma is involved, it becomes obvious why the CDC, NIH, FDA, etc., wants to stomp out what are often far safer and cheaper healthcare alternatives.

I've taken chlorine dioxide many times and have personally experienced some very interesting and welcome effects. I prefer other methods over chlorine dioxide because of the bad taste, but i think if had something very serious and life threatening wrong with me, i would probably turn to chlorine dioxide before anything else.

Now for the article. Click the headline to read the rest.

Autism can be Cured – How to use the Chlorine Dioxide Protocol to Recover Broken Lives

Kerri Rivera has been researching methods to recover lives of people with autism and related conditions since 2006.

She completed DAN based training for the biomedical treatment of autism in 2009 (DAN refers to “Defeat Autism Now”).

She has a degree in homeopathy, and has been trained to provide hyperbaric therapy.

She is the developer of the chlorine dioxide protocol, which has been used to recover 557 people from autism and related conditions.


Autism is avoidable, treatable, and curable.

The CD protocol has revolutionized autism recovery. We have put all things that work in the protocol and the things that are not working any more have been taken out. So, it is constantly evolving.

We are focused on killing pathogens and helping the immune system to heal the body. Until we recover 100% of the children 100% of the time this protocol will continue to evolve. A practitioner is only as good as her or his toughest case.

You can be sure that if enough people are cured of autism the FDA and other "health" organizations will squash this.