Article update: Firefox Tweaks and Fixes and Styles and Things

I made some small edits to the article, Firefox Tweaks and Fixes and Styles and Things, the primary change being the addition of a method to un-hide embedded YouTube videos. I don’t know if there’s been a change on YouTube’s end or what, but i’m noticing a lot of embedded YT videos are not accessible on 3rd party sites unless you enable JavaScript and no way will i do that for every domain that has a YT video i want to watch. One alternative is to watch the videos on, but that’s not optimal. Another alternative is a simple CSS style to hide the element that is used to hide the videos, which is what i added to the article.

Breaking (video): The Story of the Young RussiaGate Mistress – And Why Trump Fears Her | Jake Morphonios

I’ve been reading the 2008 book, Supermob – How Sidney Korshak and His Criminal Associates Became America’s Hidden Power Brokers, by investigative reporter Gus Russo. The book tells the story of the Russian-Jewish-Zionist mafia and their rise to power in the United States, beginning with their takeover of Chicago. The story is an incredible one that is centered around one Sidney Korshak, a labor lawyer who appears to have spent very little time in a court room, instead wielding his immense power via telephone. Half way through the book, i ran across the following video by Jake Morphonios of Blackstone Intelligence. The timing was interesting and the story more so.

This is the story of a very attractive young model, Anastasia Vashukevich, 21, who was apparently incarcerated in Thailand for running a dating/sex course without a permit and, according to the NY Times, without a visa. I was invited to vacation in Thailand long ago by an acquaintance who was interested in the country for seemingly one reason; cheap sex and beautiful women. Thailand is apparently quite popular with tourists for this reason and the U.S. dollar exchange rate at the time made it an appealing destination. The point is, why was a 21 year old model arrested for running a dating course without a permit in a country where prostitution appears to be a staple of the economy?

Belarusian Model/Sex Instructor Anastasia Vashukevich claims to have video evidence of Trump campaign members conspiring with a Jewish Oligarch from Russia to help #Trump win. Now Russia has her in custody…

Watch the video here:

The Story of the Young #RussiaGate Mistress – And Why Trump Fears Her | Jake Morphonios

Firefox config guide updates – one small, one medium sized

Both Firefox configuration guides were updated with more information regarding the downloading of the user.js and user-overrides.js configuration files, thanks to a commenter who was thoughtful enough to share a problem they had.

More importantly, the user-overrides.js file was updated again. The latest changes are as follows…

* added a regular expression example that can help find syntax errors
* misc. minor comment edits
* added missing tags to some safe browsing prefs
* added more safe browsing prefs
* removed the [SUGG] tag – suggested values are now indicated with ‘!’
* removed unnecessary [SET] tags
* added some missing tags
* added ‘privacy.clearOnShutdown.sessions’ pref
* removed some redundant prefs that were set the same in user.js
* edited some pref comments

Article update: Firefox Extensions – My Picks

The Firefox Extensions – My Picks article was updated. Here’s the latest changes:

  • removed Cookie AutoDelete
  • removed Awesome RSS (broken at the moment)
  • removed Linkificator – all of these text linkify add-ons seem to have problems
  • removed YouTube Feeds
  • removed ‘Clean image links’ code for Header Editor
  • replaced Smart HTTPS with HTTPZ
  • replaced Dark Reader with Dark Background and Light Text
  • replaced Neat URL with ClearURLs
  • added Disable Tab Detach
  • edited the Header Editor section for removing ETag headers
  • misc. cleanup and polishing

The removal of Cookie AutoDelete marks the end (i hope) of the ‘cookie’ storage cleaners, none of which were able to remove all data stored for a domain because of a shortcoming in the WebExtension API. Instead i have been experimenting with containers and what Mozilla calls First Party Isolation (FPI – more here), a privacy feature which was apparently ported over from the Tor project under the name Cross-Origin Identifier Unlinkability. With FPI enabled via the preferences privacy.firstparty.isolate (and privacy.firstparty.isolate.restrict_opener_access), the data for each domain visited is kept in separate containers isolated from each other which is great for privacy.

Lastly i would like to make special mention of the addition of the HTTPZ extension by ‘claustromaniac‘, one of the many contributors to the ghacks-user.js project. This slick little add-on simply redirects http requests to https and it works completely transparently with no options or whitelists to fool with. It doesn’t even have a toolbar icon. HTTPZ will automatically fall back to http as needed and i have yet to find a case where a page load failed because of it. By the way, ‘claustromaniac’ is the same cat that gave us POOP just a little bit ago, another nice privacy related extension, and rumor has it… well, let’s just wait and see :)

Content updates : The Firefox for dummies guide and a new user-overrides.js

Both the user-overrides.js and the Firefox Privacy Guide For Dummies! have been updated, but there’s not actually any super important changes to the guide. Here’s the change log:

  • clarified a lot of stuff that may not have been clarified clearly enough
  • eliminated the ‘relaxed_user-overrides.js’ file – the user-overrides.js is now used for both the advanced and dummy guides
  • updated the user-overrides.js file
  • lots of minor edits, corrections

So the biggest change is that i’m using the same user-overrides.js for both guides which saves me some hassle and causes the users more hassle! Actually it might just take a bit more time to sift through he file, though the better documentation should make things easier. This is the 64r4 version of this config, meaning it’s the 4th revision for Firefox 64.