UN-Backed Sexualization of Kids

UN-Backed Sexualization of Kids in School Exposed, With Allison Royal

Children across New Jersey and the nation are being sexualized with radical "sex education" content backed by Planned Parenthood and even the United Nations, former corporate journalist Allison Royal told The New American magazine's Alex Newman in this episode of Conversations That Matter. The content, which comes from the UN-funded group "Amaze," is highly controversial and is being peddled by tax-funded educators, despite concerns by parents and lawmakers. Royal blasted the dishonest media reporting surrounding legislative efforts to protect children from this sort of sexualization, especially the "don't say gay" propaganda around Florida's Parental Rights in Education bill. Finally, Royal discusses the bizarre and mysterious fires and explosions at critical food-processing facilities, which she is covering as part of her next big story.


4 thoughts on “UN-Backed Sexualization of Kids”

  1. The topic is interesting, but nothing significant was exposed in the video. It was mentioned that UN was funding an “educational” program, but they may as well not know all the implementation details. Do you know of some better resources on this topic?

    1. didn’t mean to blow you off – i forgot about this

      as far as US sexualization of kids, i don’t recall hearing of it before this

      as far as UN trafficking, that’s pretty well known – there’s billions at stake and money for unacknowledged projects has to come from somewhere and the sources i know about are human trafficking, drugs and weapons

      * UN Peacekeepers Caught Running Massive Child Sex Ring — Not One Person Jailed
      * UN sex-trafficking whistleblower feted in film | The Independent | The Independent
      * Child sexual abuse by UN peacekeepers – Wikipedia
      * Military Child Sex Trafficking Whistleblower Exposes the UN & The US State Department – Humans Be Free (state dept. implicates CIA)

      1. I see a few articles here and there, but they are only a tip of the iceberg. It would be interesting to see the big picture. Share it if you find resources that clearly articulate the details of **institutionalized** sexualization of kids. “Private” sexualization via movies and magazines while despicable is already going on for a long time and most know about it, even if not up to the full extent.

        Here are a few interesting links I found in the meantime:


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