News Bytes - Rittenhouse released on bail, fewer deaths in non-lockdown Sweden, Bioterrorism - 20-Nov-2020

Kyle Rittenhouse Released from Jail on $2 Million Bond

Rittenhouse was charged with first-degree intentional homicide, first-degree reckless homicide, and attempted first-degree intentional homicide following the August 25th deaths of Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum in Kenosha Wisconsin during riots sparked by the police-involved shooting of Jacob Blake. Rittenhouse allegedly shot three people, two of whom succumbed to their wounds.


Rittenhouse told reporters he was in Kenosha to protect people's property, and in late September his attorney, Pierce, told Breitbart News Sunday, "Wisconsin is an open carry state. You've seen the video of what was going on in that city. It was a war zone, and Kyle had every right — just as much a right — to be there as the people that were trying to burn down that city, and he was attempting to protect property and attempting to be there to provide medical aid."

Pierce added, "Every person that has any sense at all is going to take a weapon to that location. It was a legal weapon. I can't comment right now further on the specifics of where the weapon was obtained. It was obtained as a legal weapon. It did not cross state lines. That charge is incorrect as a matter of law in Wisconsin. Actually, that weapon can be possessed by anyone 16 years or older."

TruthLeaks - Investigative Journalist George Webb (@GeorgWebb): "After 244 pings of Dominion Voting at this morning, all go to Belgrade, Serbia..." | nitter CAT

After 244 pings of Dominion Voting at this morning, all go to Belgrade, Serbia. Not a single hop went through Venezuela. If you launched a Special Forces mission to seize the Dominion servers, would you send the helicopters to Venezuela or Belgrade?

Feds charge third Cincinnati councilman with corruption | One America News Network

An Ohio Democrat serving as a city councilman was recently charged with corruption and bribery. During a press conference Thursday, federal officials charged Cincinnati councilmember P.G. Sittenfeld with six different counts involving bribery, extortion and wire fraud.

Sittenfeld allegedly accepted bribes in exchange for positive votes in connection to certain development deals. The FBI said they have evidence that connects him to a scheme supporting the development of a building into a hotel and office complex as well.

Michigan Election Canvasser Blows Whistle After Being Threatened by Democrats - 21st Century Wire

In this incredible development, a member of Wayne Country's board of canvassers is now protesting against unexplained "out of balance" totals. 'Out of balance' means that more voters voted than there were registered in the country.

The whistleblower explained that canvassers (responsible for certifying election results) must be given a plausible answer as to why the balances didn't match. She voted 'no' and was then attacked by her canvasser colleagues from the Democratic Party who then accused her of "racism" and partisanship. She was then doxed, and then personally threatened by Democrats, including threats to her family and her employer.

Minn. man pleads guilty to helping set fire to Minneapolis Police Precinct | One America News Network

News Bytes - Rittenhouse released on bail, fewer deaths in non-lockdown Sweden, Bioterrorism - 20-Nov-2020

According to reports on Thursday, 26-year-old Bryce Williams pleaded guilty to a charge of "conspiracy to commit arson" in connection with the fire at Minneapolis Third Precinct on May 28.

Dr. Simone Gold (@drsimonegold): "Sweden had lower death rates than its neighbors..." | nitter

Without implementing lockdowns, Sweden had lower death rates than its neighbors during the 1st wave.

In the 2nd wave, Sweden has MUCH lower death rates than its neighbors.

So why are politicians implementing lockdowns again when it has been shown they are NOT effective?

Trudeau warns Canada's hospitals could be swamped, Toronto to enter COVID-19 lockdown | One America News Network

OTTAWA (Reuters) – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Friday that Canada's hospital system could be overwhelmed by a possible quadrupling of new COVID-19 cases by year end as its biggest city Toronto prepared to impose a lockdown.

Episode 388 – False Flags and the Dawn of Bioterrorism : The Corbett Report

For the past twenty years, the world has been in the midst of a so-called "war on terror" set in motion by a false flag attack of spectacular proportions. Now the stage is being set for a new spectacular attack to usher in the next stage in that war on terror: the war on bioterrorism. But who are the real bioterrorists? And can we rely on government agencies, their appointed health authorities, and the corporate media to accurately identify those terrorists in the wake of the next spectacular terror attack?

Harrowing Video Of Elderly Mother Trapped In Nursing Home Trying To Understand A Window Visit

An elderly woman in a nursing home is visited by her son at her bedroom window, and she is confused and frustrated about why they are separated by a window. Loneliness and despair caused by Covid-19 policies have killed many Americans.

UKC News: 'Anti vaxx' Censorship, Phony Fact Checkers, Evidence of US Election Fraud - 21st Century Wire

Governments continue to panic about the free flow of accurate information online, various censorship initiatives are being deployed to try and keep the public in the dark as much as possible on issues like COVID, lockdowns, masks and vaccines. Also, despite a growing body of evidence, the US mainstream media have completely blacked-out any real coverage of President Trump's legal challenge to US election results in multiple swing states. Lockdowns are back in fashion again, and we look at de Blassio's contrived 'casedemic' in New York prompting school closures, and California governor Gavin Newsom's mea culpa over a posh dinner gone amok. All this and more.

The Great US Election 2020: Political "Grand Theft" Exposed. Evidence of Fraud Abounds - Global Research

Throughout his near-half century as US senator and vice president, Biden's been pro-war, pro-business, anti-progressive, anti-labor, anti-governance serving everyone equitably— anti-what matters most to ordinary Americans.

Leopards don't change their spots, notably not late in life.

If Biden succeeds Trump in January, dirty business as usual continuity is certain.

He backed all US wars of aggression against invented enemies, its wars by other means on nations unwilling to surrender the sovereign rights to US interests, along with supporting privileged interests over the general welfare.

As Alameda County CA assistant DA, San Francisco DA, and California state AG, Harris pursued injustice by blocking exculpatory evidence, defending unconstitutional practices, and preventing prosecution of wealthy individuals.

The Missing Science Behind Closing Bars And Restaurants

There is no real science that justifies government closing of any business, much less all bars and restaurants and yet the livelihood of hundreds of thousands of owners have been decimated while millions of workers are added to the unemployment lines.

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