News Bytes - Joe Public glimpses decades of problems with vaccines // AG Barr: nothing to see here // COVID stimulus bill has little to do with COVID - 22-Dec-2020

News Bytes - Joe Public glimpses decades of problems with vaccines // AG Barr: nothing to see here // COVID stimulus bill has little to do with COVID - 22-Dec-2020

Widespread "Allergic Reactions" Making Vaccine Safety Front-Page News - The Highwire

Who didn't see this coming? The idea that a vaccine could harm you is now mainstream news, grabbing headlines across America and throughout the world.

The general public has not been prepared for what is happening. Safe and effective…A sore arm for one in a million. Thanks to the media and complicit health officials, most of the public knows only an insultingly basic, one-sided narrative that has been viciously protected for years.


Australia is scrapping their $750 million #Covid19 vaccine program after several trial participants falsely tested positive for HIV. While authorities said the costly move was nothing more than 'a precautionary measure', a HighWire investigation has made a toxic discovery about the recently scrapped vaccine.

America's Frontline Doctors Unveil Petition to Protect Medical Privacy and Prevent Mandates in COVID-19 Vaccine Policymaking – America's Frontline Doctors

Los Angeles, CA – With the approval of experimental COVID-19 vaccines raising new questions about safety, transparency, and unnecessary mandates, America's Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) today announced the launch of its latest sound-science initiative, an online petition known as Stop Medical Discrimination. The petition, which is already earning support from more than 40,000 concerned Americans, urges policy makers and the private sector to guard against mandates that restrict freedom and infringe on patient privacy and choice.

AG Bill Barr Says He Will Not Appoint Special Counsel to Investigate The 2020 Election Fraud or Hunter Biden's Foreign Deals Selling Influence - The Last Refuge

In what the media is calling AG Bill Barr's final official duty while in office, AG Bill Barr announced today he will not be appointing a special counsel to look into accusations of fraud in the 2020 election; and he will not be appointing a special counsel to look into Hunter Biden's financial -influence selling – entanglements with foreign governments.

"I have not seen a reason to appoint a special counsel and I have no plan to do so before I leave."

How Trump can still WIN! - YouTube

Sean Spicer Interviews Rudy Giuliani on Latest Developments and Legal Election Processes, Two Groups Have Distinct Approaches - The Last RefugeThe Last Refuge

There has been considerable debate and discussion about the next steps for President Trump in contesting the election outcome. According to media reporting on the discussions it appears the White House is listening to several opinions including a group containing Sidney Powell (outside campaign) and a group led by Rudy Giuliani (inside campaign). Despite the common objective amid the two groups, there have been some stories written by media intended to diminish and/or marginalize the ongoing effort. In this interview with Rudy Giuliani, President Trump's campaign lawyer outlines the formal approach underway by the inside campaign team.

National Justice Exclusive: Police Officer In Kenosha Shooting Will Be Exonerated; Riots Are Expected - National Justice

Rusten Sheskey, the Kenosha, Wisconsin police officer who shot a knife-wielding Jacob Blake last August, will be found innocent of wrongdoing in a District Attorney report set to be released by next week, a source told National Justice.

According to the insider, law enforcement in Kenosha is being mandated to take on 12 hour shifts every day starting now until January 4th.

What's actually IN the US "Covid Stimulus Bill"? – OffGuardian

The US congress just passed their Covid stimulus bill, or the "Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021" to give its official title. So what's actually inside it? What has just been passed into law?

The answers to that is "nobody really knows", least of all the members of congress, who passed the law without reading it, as they so often do. It's the longest bill in US history, at over 5500 pages and it sailed through the voting mostly sight unseen.

We've downloaded a copy of the full document and will embed it below for those of you patient or masochistic enough to tackle the whole thing. We've read some already, and will point out the highlights:

"Foreign aid" is a big winner. Egypt is getting $1.3 billion, Sudan, Israel and Ukraine get over 500 million each, and many other countries around the world sizeable contributions, much of which will be spent on "defense". Which is to say sent straight back to America via massive arms purchases.

Not all the money being sent overseas is for buying weapons, some is for backing coups. Venezuela and Belarus get special mention here, each getting their own section of the bill detailing how terrible their "illegal regimes" are. There's also a large section on "combating Chinese influence".

For some reason there's another section on copyright law, which makes illegal streaming copyrighted content a federal crimes, punishable by up to three years in prison.

Nearly 300 million is put aside to develop influenza vaccines and prevent a future influenza pandemic.

4 BILLION dollars for the Gates-funded GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance.

Vaccine "misinformation" is also a concern, and the bill provides for a pro-vaccine propaganda campaign – or rather a "PUBLIC AWARENESS CAMPAIGN ON THE IMPORTANCE OF VACCINATIONS"

Agency Inspector General Reports and Investigations - The Black Vault

Agencies periodically conduct their own special investigations and produce reports about certain allegations against their respective departments.

For example, the CIA Inspector General produced a report regarding the allegations of the connection between the CIA and drug trafficking. Each agency will do the same types of investigations.

Below, you will find reports and indexes that are relevant. I decided to compile them here in one archive, as it is interesting to show a complete set of allegations/investigations.

Firefox 84.0.1 update fixes crashes and other issues - gHacks Tech News

Mozilla plans to release a minor update for the organization's Firefox web browser later today. Firefox 84.0.1 is a bug fix release that addresses crashes, performance and loading issues.

The First Log for the New Cabin | Off Grid Log Cabin Build in the Canadian Wilderness - YouTube

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