News Bytes - ICC needs your help in crimes against humanity suit | Biden threatens business with $700k fines for unvaxxed employees | National School Board and the "Patriot" Act - 5-Oct-2021

The International Criminal Court could begin Criminal Prosecutions, with your help, of World Leaders & Scientific Advisers for using Covid-19 & the Injections to commit Genocide & Crimes against Humanity – Lawyers worldwide, Dr Fleming & Prof. Luc Montagnier urgently need your help to make it happen – The Expose

Lawyers worldwide recently submitted a Request for Investigation to the International Criminal Court (ICC) due to a mountain of evidence that proves Governments world-wide and their advisors are complicit in genocide, crimes against humanity and breaches of the Nuremberg Code.

That evidence includes sworn testimonies from Dr Richard Fleming and Nobel Prize winner Professor Luc Motagnier, as well as support from survivors of Nazi concentration camps.

The lawyers have been patiently waiting for a response from the ICC, but due to the situation unfolding in regard to the harming of children with the Covid-19 injections, the lawyers, and their expert witnesses urgently need your help to move things along by signing a petition created by Dr Richard Fleming which urges the ICC to accept the Request for Investigation and begin investigations and criminal prosecutions of the individuals identified in the submitted evidence.

Sign the Petition


Biden Could Fine Businesses Up to $700,000 If they Fail to Mandate Covid-19 Vaccines

The Biden administration has included a vaccine-enforcement mechanism in the $3.5-trillion, 2,465-page 'Build Back Better" bill that will enable the government to enforce fines on employers whose employees do not get the vaccine. The mechanism will allow a tenfold increase in fines for businesses with 100 or more employees that willfully and repeatedly, violate a section of labor law that deals with workplace hazards, of which Covid-19 is now a part. The fines could go as high as $70,000 for serious infractions, and $700,000 for willful or repeated violations. Republican Congressman Chip Roy introduced a bill that would prevent Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and other agencies from imposing fines on individuals or businesses that do not comply with President Biden's proposed COVID-19 vaccine mandate.


Australian Authorities Threaten Unvaccinated Citizens Without Vaccine Passport With Prison Time – The Expose

New South Wales recently announced that it will soon come out of lockdown as soon as the vaccination rates increase to an acceptable amount for the government. Post-lockdown, only the vaccinated will be permitted to participate in all aspects of social life. To ensure that people attempting to enter social venues are vaccinated, the state government have rolled out plans to implement vaccine passports.


Horrific: California Gov. Newsom Orders School Children Age 5 and Up to Get Covid Vaccine upon FDA Authorization

California Governor Gavin Newsom has mandated that all public school children, grades kindergarten to 12th grade, must receive the Covid vaccination as they are authorized by the FDA. 7th to 12th graders will have until next summer to get their shots. Students who aren't vaccinated will not be allowed to attend school in-person once the mandate takes effect, which will phase in as younger age ranges are included. So far, the FDA has only authorized the Pfizer two-shot mRNA vaccine for those 16 and older. The LA Times reported that it will be up to the schools and school districts to enforce the vaccine, just as they enforce traditional vaccines. Teachers currently are not subject to a vaccine mandate, a stunning double standard that the article says is due to the deference Newsom gives to teacher unions.


National School Board Group Wants the PATRIOT Act Used against Parents who Protect their Children From Mask Mandates and CRT

The National School Boards Association, which represents some 90,000 school-board officials, has asked the White House to intervene against parents who oppose Covid masking and teaching racist ideology. The organization says parents are engaged in "domestic terrorism" and asked the White House to use the Justice Department, the FBI, and the Department of Homeland Security against parents who protest. It even has asked the White House to consider using the USA Patriot Act against parents and community leaders who oppose masking and teaching critical-race theory. The National School Boards Association also wants the White House to designate anti-mask and anti-critical race theory protests as acts of "domestic terrorism" and "hate crimes." The White House signaled that it is open to using the full power of the federal government against parents who oppose mandatory masking and teaching critical-race theory.


Post COVID-19 Injections: The Dead Don't Speak, but Those with Crippling Injuries Issue Warnings

When the first COVID-19 shots were given emergency use authorization back in December of 2020, we started publishing the stories that were available in the public space of those who were suffering and dying after taking the shots.

I began a list that I appended to the end of any articles we published about the COVID-19 shots, so people could get an idea of how many were suffering from these experimental shots that dissenting doctors and scientists began to call “bioweapon” shots.

The corporate media and Big Tech have done their best to suppress these stories, publishing a few every once in a while to acknowledge this was happening, but always in the context that these were “rare” side effects, and that the benefits of the shot were greater than the risk, which we now know is a complete lie.

After more and more people made the fateful decision to get the shots, I could no longer keep up with the individual stories that were being published, and began publishing articles of stories in batches.

The list became so long, that people started complaining that they had to scroll too far down the page to get to the comments, so I truncated the list and then published the entire list on a separate page.

Now, as we start the month of October, 2021, the number of people going public with their stories are so many, that I just pick and choose some that are representative of the sheer mass of reports now coming in, and try to do at least one story a week highlighting these tragic stories, as we are constantly getting new readers and subscribers who are just now beginning to wake up to the truth about what is really going on with these shots.


85% of Covid-19 deaths in New South Wales, Australia are among the Fully Vaccinated – The Expose

Six of the seven recent Covid-19 deaths in New South Wales, Australia were people who had been vaccinated against the alleged disease.

Speaking at a press conference, New South Wales Deputy Chief Health Officer Dr Marianne Gale said that “tragically today, we announced the deaths of seven people who had lost their lives to COVID-19, four women and three men.

“One person was in their 40s, one person in their 50s, two people in their 70s, two people in their 80s, and one person who was in their 90s, all of those individuals had underlying health conditions, one person was not vaccinated, three people had received one dose of the COVID vaccine, and three people had received two doses of the COVID vaccine.”


Fauci: 'Americans Need to Give Up Individual Freedom for the Greater Good' - 21st Century Wire

During a recent address to McGill University in Montreal, President Biden's public health tsar and gatekeeper to the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Anthony Fauci, declared that those people who are 'hesitant' to receive the experimental COVID-19 GMO injection will need to "give up" their individual freedoms "for the greater good of society."


Pfizer Scientist: 'Your Antibodies are Probably Better than the Vaccination' | Project Veritas

Nick Karl, Pfizer Scientist: “When somebody is naturally immune -- like they got COVID -- they probably have more antibodies against the virus…When you actually get the virus, you’re going to start producing antibodies against multiple pieces of the virus…So, your antibodies are probably better at that point than the [COVID] vaccination.”

Chris Croce, Pfizer Senior Associate Scientist: “You’re protected for longer” if you have natural COVID antibodies compared to the COVID vaccine.

Croce: “I work for an evil corporation…Our organization is run on COVID money.”

Rahul Khandke, Pfizer Scientist: “If you have [COVID] antibodies built up, you should be able to prove that you have those built up.”


Don't be on Team Pfizer - Jerm Warfare

Over the weekend I chatted to a South African lawyer who is gathering local data surrounding adverse events related to this ridiculous injection.

Yes, lawsuits are coming.

I also chatted to a South African doctor who analysed the blood of "vaccinated" people. (I put quotation marks around "vaccinated" because it's pretty well established that these shots do not vaccinate as per the definition.)

The lawyer is Riekie Erasmus and the doctor is Zandrè Botha.

The doctor's findings are almost identical to the findings of doctors in other countries, such as those of Dr Robert Young and Dr Philippe Van Welbergen and Dr Carrie Madej.

Something very strange happens to "vaccinated" blood. Take a look.


PCR: The Good, The Bad and The Bustin - Dr. Sam Bailey


4,000 Patents: Why the 'Novel' SARS-CoV-2 Virus Isn't so Novel • Children's Health Defense

Since 1999, at least 4,000 patents involving coronavirus have been filed, including patents detailing key features of the so-called "novel" SARS-CoV-2 virus. In 2002, Ralph Baric, Ph.D. and colleagues at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, filed a patent on recombinant coronavirus, and within a year, we got the world's first SARS outbreak.


The Military and Intelligence Origins of Public Health. The Pharmaceutical Branch of the Military Industrial Complex - Global Research

n an address to a conference on the Covid-19 crisis held in Budapest, Hungary this past August Robert Kennedy gave a preview of his research results to the participants. His "Historical and Legal Perspectives of the Pandemic" takes an unusually wide view of the context in which the past 18 months unfolded. As a conservative campaigner for healthcare safety, especially for children, and an environmental activist Kennedy has concentrated on corporate malfeasance and regulatory capture by the pharmaceutical industry. In this talk he explains the relationship of the health crisis to the State itself.


2019 CSPAN Video Emerges Where Forcing Unproven mRNA Vaccines on the Public is Discussed

Alex Jones of scheduled an emergency broadcast tonight (Oct. 4, 2021) where a listener emailed them footage from CSPAN in 2019 where a panel at the Milken Institute is discussing some kind of Universal Flu Vaccine that would be dramatically different than current vaccines cultured in eggs, and instead would be mRNA based.

Anthony Fauci is part of the panel, where he explains that bringing a new, untested kind of vaccine like an mRNA vaccine, would take at least a decade ("if everything goes perfectly") to go through proper trials and be approved by the FDA.

He would know, because he had been trying to do it for about a decade already by then, by trying to develop an mRNA based vaccine for an HIV vaccine.

But now they were discussing something much bigger than just a vaccine for AIDS patients. They are talking about a "Universal Flu Vaccine" that everyone would have to take - a huge market for Big Pharma!

Rick Bright, the director of HHS Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), then speaks and states that what could happen is that "an entity of excitement that is completely disruptive and is not beholden to bureaucratic strings and processes" could change that.



After YouTube's sweeping announcement to censor conversation and open discussion around ANY vaccine, the Ron Paul Institute's YouTube channel was removed. Though shortly after their channel was restored, countless other videos and channels have been removed without warning, or reason.


Frontiers | Human Brain/Cloud Interface | Neuroscience

12bytes: As you may know, all this crap we're experiencing in the name of COVID-19 is attached to something much bigger. This is part of it...

The Internet comprises a decentralized global system that serves humanity's collective effort to generate, process, and store data, most of which is handled by the rapidly expanding cloud. A stable, secure, real-time system may allow for interfacing the cloud with the human brain. One promising strategy for enabling such a system, denoted here as a "human brain/cloud interface" ("B/CI"), would be based on technologies referred to here as "neuralnanorobotics."


Pfizer vaccine capable of DNA modification and introduction of hydrogel cyborg technology


California doctor sounds alarm on Newsom's vaccine mandate for school kids: 'Not based on clinical evidence' | Fox News

A California doctor sounded the alarm Monday on Governor Gavin Newsom's new vaccine mandate targeting school-age children, saying his decision was "not based on clinical evidence" but fueled by politics.

"The decision that the governor made is one that's really based on his personal beliefs that's based in politics," said Dr. Houman Hemmati on "Fox & Friends First."

"As a physician, the one thing that I'm taught, the one thing that we should all practice is evidence-based medicine, and the evidence-based decisions need to not just extend to the doctor-patient relationship, but also to policies that are made by politicians and public health boards."


Sen. Ron Johnson: There is not an FDA approved COVID vaccine in the US | Fox News

12bytes: Whether there is or isn't an FDA approved "vaccine" is completely irrelevant given that no one in the world has an isolate of what is being called Sars-CoV-2 and that's just the tip of the iceberg. For more, read Dr. Cowan's book, The Contagion Myth.

SEN. RON JOHNSON: We do not have an FDA-approved vaccine being administered in the U.S. The FDA played a bait and switch. They approved the Comirnaty version of Pfizer drugs. It's not available in the U.S. They even admit it. I sent them a letter three days later going "What are you doing?" What they did is they extended the emergency use authorization for the Pfizer drug vaccine that's available in the U.S., here that's more than 30 days later, they haven't asked that very simple question. If you're saying that the Pfizer drug is the same as the Comirnaty, why didn't you provide FDA approval on that? So, there's not an FDA-approved drug and, of course, they announced it so they could push through these mandates so that people actually think, "Oh, OK now these things are FDA approved." They are not and again, maybe they should be, but the FDA isn't telling me why.


The Research Is Clear: Ivermectin Is a Safe, Effective Treatment for COVID. So Why Isn't It Being Used? • Children's Health Defense

12bytes: The answer to the question is simply that one cannot get emergency use authorization for a "vaccine" if there are already effective treatments, and so HCQ, Ivermectin, high dose vitamin C, etc., all had to be suppressed. Isn't it interesting that in places where malaria is a problem and HCQ is sold over-the-counter, there are comparatively few COVID-19 cases.

Despite efforts to denigrate ivermectin as "horse paste" and prevent doctors from prescribing it and patients from using it, the latest research shows this safe, inexpensive drug is effective at keeping COVID patients out of the hospital.


"My Name is Bill Gates, King of Kings" - Truth Comes to Light

The evidence is in. Gene-manipulating injections advertised as a “vaccine for covid 19” have killed and injured millions of people. Instead of providing immunity to an alleged virus, the shots actually harm the immune system and turn it against us. The spike proteins created by the shots spread out to attack major organs in the body, leading to a thousand and one different health problems, including heart attacks, myocarditis, pericarditis, strokes, blood clots, spontaneous abortions, neurological disorders, depression, and death. Yet the medical establishment is urging everyone, including pregnant women and children, to get the jab. The ghost standing in as US President recently decreed that if people refuse the shot they will lose their job. This is coercion to accept a medical intervention known to be a danger to human health — a crime against humanity. Half the population of the country is now facing this coercion.

This only makes sense if we reason that the authorities want to harm us, or that there is something so important in the injection that they don’t mind harming us, as long as we get the injection. Bill Gates said early in 2020 that everyone on the planet should be “vaccinated.” Perhaps his dream was that when that is accomplished there will be no one left who will not be genetically modified (to Gates’s secret specifications) and thus no one left to hold him to account.


PA Democrat to Introduce Forced Vasectomies For Men With Three Kids or Turning 40, Whichever Comes First

PENNSYLVANIA – Democratic state legislator Christopher Rabb has announced his intention to introduce legislation to enforce “reproductive responsibility” for men.

“Rarely is there a meaningful dialogue,” a memorandum from Rabb said, “around public policy focusing on the personal responsibility of cisgender men in this sphere.

“Therefore, I will be introducing legislation that will require all inseminators to undergo vasectomies within 6 weeks from having their third child or 40th birthday, whichever comes first.”

“All inseminators,” of course, means all men.

The memo was sent to all Pennsylvania House members to attempt to garner co-sponsors for the bill.

12bytes: Video from Tim Truth about this: Progressive Assemblyman Unveils Forced 3 Child Policy & Sterilization Of 40+ Year Old Men


Pfizer's Inside Man

More on the Global Mafia & how they are gaming the system. This is also a 'rant' video about those people who absolutely refuse to go after the players behind this attempted genocide.


Mom's Use of Acetaminophen During Pregnancy May Lead to ADHD, Autism in Babies • Children's Health Defense

More than 90 scientists, doctors and public health researchers are calling for new safety reviews of the common painkiller, pointing to mounting evidence fetal exposure to acetaminophen could increase the risk of neurodevelopmental disorders and reproductive system effects.


There Is No Pandemic | UKColumn

Research by an independent statistician, who goes by the pseudonym of John Dee, appears to confirm what many have suspected since the beginning of the Covid-19 pseudopandemic; that the government narrative about the disease is a confidence trick.

John Dee looked at more than 160,000 admissions via the Emergency Department of a busy hospital. His analysis shows that, for an unnamed NHS trust, between 1 January 2021 and 13 June 2021, of the 2,102 admissions coded as Covid-19, only 9.7% (204) had any supporting diagnosis of symptomatic disease.

For the remaining 90.3% (1,899) there was no discernible, clinical reason to describe them as Covid-19 patients. However, they were all admitted for the following reason:

Disease caused by 2019 novel coronavirus.

John Dee audit analysis concluded:

The ED electronic patient record system is awash with asymptomatic/false positive admissions that primarily require emergency care for non-COVID diseases and conditions whilst their data record is flagged as COVID.


Potentially millions of first responders, police, teachers, healthcare workers will soon be out of a job over COVID vaccine mandates

Our country is still reeling from the still-lingering COVID-19 pandemic, but that’s not because the virus is such a massive threat to the survival of the human race.

It’s because leftists in government at all levels continue to exploit the coronavirus in ways that greatly enhance their own power and authority, which is part of the same long game that leftists always play in their quest to someday completely trash our founding constitutional system and replace our republic with a dictatorial regime centering all power, ultimately, in Washington, D.C.

An increasing number of governments, including the federal government, are mandating that their employees get a COVID-19 vaccine or else lose their jobs; an increasing number of Americans are opting out of the mandate, and while we applaud them for standing up for bodily autonomy, it seems that many of the vaccine rejectors are frontline emergency personnel and caregivers.


Stew Peters Show: DoD Docs Expose Hospitalized Vaxx Patient Numbers! EXCLUSIVE Images of Vaxxed Blood and Vials!

Attorney Thomas Renz joined Stew Peters to reveal the highly censored DoD documents proving that the “vaccine” is more dangerous than it is helpful, as the vast majority of patients over 65 hospitalized with “COVID” are more than likely experiencing injury from the shots!

EXCLUSIVE! Dr. Zandre Botha* was shocked after studying the blood of “vaccinated” patients that were coming to her with a serious illness after being injected with the shots being called “Covid vaccines”. After being presented with vials of the substance, she examined the contents and was horrified.

Dr. Jane Ruby joins “The Stew Peters Show” to dissect the most recent warnings about your cats, dogs, and birds. It’s best to just inject them ALL!

U.S. Congressman, Dr. Paul Gosar, joined “The Stew Peters Show” in an unfiltered segment of truth surrounding the overreaching tyrannical state of America.


CDC Reports 15% Increase In Rate Of Death Among "Fully Vaccinated" & Revealing Immune System Test

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours.


Picnic Protests Sweep the World! - #SolutionsWatch

This week we look at yet another way of protesting the incoming vaxx passport agenda: picnicking. Join James for this week's edition of #SolutionsWatch where he looks at how we can render the vaccine mandate debate moot when we stop begging for scraps from the would-be ruler's table and build a table of our own.


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