News Bytes - Hunter's conduit, 9/11 and COVID-19, Facebook's 'creditable sources' - 15-Oct-2020

The Biden Crime Family's Pay-Off Scheme | Rudy Giuliani – Forbidden Knowledge TV

Hunter Biden's water-damaged computer was dropped off at a repair shop in Delaware in April 2019 but nobody ever paid for the service or retrieved it and the external drive on which its contents were stored, according to the shop owner, who tried repeatedly to contact the client.

The shop's owner alerted the Feds and last December and both the computer and hard drive were seized by the FBI but not before the shop owner had made a copy and gave it to Rudy Giuliani's lawyer, Robert Costello. Last Sunday, Giuliani provided a copy of it to The New York Post.

Among the material extracted from the computer is a 12-minute video that appears to show Hunter smoking crack while engaged in a sex act with an unidentified woman, in addition to many other sexually explicit images.

What we learn from Rudy Giuliani in his podcast, here is that for three decades, Hunter Biden was used as a conduit to receive Joe Biden's dirty money, so that his father wouldn't have to report it.

BBC Launching Character Assassination Program On Journalists Who Investigated White Helmets' Links To Al-Qaeda In Syria

In a fashion which to some is reminiscent of how world renowned journalist Julian Assange – WikiLeaks frontman currently held in Belmarsh maximum security prison – has historically faced character assassinations, it is feared that a similar tactic is set to be used against independent journalists reporting on the war in Syria.

The 'White Helmets' have become an organisation synonymous with the ongoing war in Syria, presented by the likes of the BBC as simply being a humanitarian organisation worthy of international praise for their role in helping injured Syrian civilians. That narrative however, perpetuated continuously by the UK government-funded network, had come under some scrutiny following a wave of reports produced by independent journalists, who had gathered information which they believe proves a direct connection between terrorist organisations – directly linked to al-Qaeda – and the 'White Helmets'.

OUTRAGEOUS! Tech Tyrant Instagram CENSORS Tags of Project Veritas! - YouTube

WATCH: The Parallels Between 9/11 and Covid19 – OffGuardian

Kevin Ryan's video presentation for the 9/11 Truth Film Festival, held in September to mark the 19th anniversary, discusses the many parallels between the Covid19 narrative, and roll out of the "official conspiracy theory" in the wake of 9/11. From the incessant fear-based media coverage, to the signs of opportunistic corruption, to the smearing of critics in the mainstream media, to the oddly prescient "exercises"…the clear signs of a psychological operation are there.

Facebook to ban holocaust truth and direct users to "credible sources" | Carolyn Yeager

Jews are the most protected group in the world – their goal is to make it illegal to disagree with them.

Ep.109- What About the Engine? - YouTube

Installing a motor on a brand new build, when doing it yourself, isn't cut and dry. It's easy to take for granted the simplicity of repowering an old boat or rebuilding an engine in your restoration (however, NOT easy) but when you have to decide the placement of every part and acquire all the pieces from the engine itself to the prop, from the fuel tank to the water lift muffler, from the starter battery to that one odd hose no one seems to carry it makes the task a bit more daunting. So, we've broken it up over time… 4 years. Some late nights we've even considered selling the whole damn assembly. Who REALLY needs an engine…? Well, okay, it'd be nice to have, for sure, AND we've already built the interior around the motor…. Sorry, Garrett… I think we best keep going. Agreed? Agreed. Starting the engine will still be a ways away as we also continue to rig the boat and finish the interior BUT we've picked up where we left off and are making progress on the motor once more ;)

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