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News Bytes - Humanity rising; Mandates ARE NOT LAWS people!!!; Do viruses cause disease? - 4-Aug-2021

Humanity is Rising All Over The World - Max Igan 2021


Employer, School Mandated Vaxx NOT LEGAL - Attorney Says "Hold The Line"

Ali Shultz, JD is an attorney and humanitarian advocate fighting tyranny with boots on the ground! Shultz joined Stew Peters to encourage Americans to HOLD THE LINE!

Universities and employers sending letters and emails mandating vaccines hold no weight!


The Real Science of Germs: Do Viruses Cause Disease? - What Really Makes You Ill

12bytes says: This information about terrain theory verses germ theory is crucial to understanding what is happening in the world today. Most doctors, even those fighting to expose the dangers of the COVID-19 "vaccines", are not aware of this because they are only taught germ theory -- the theory that viruses cause disease -- by Big Pharma who has a huge influence in their curriculum and which depends on germ theory in order to push many toxic drugs and vaccines.


Russell Brand: UK Journalists Allege COVID News Censored to Create 'One Official Narrative' • Children's Health Defense

Do you think you’ve been told the whole truth about the pandemic? Do you think healthy debate and conversation are being encouraged — or stifled?

Russell Brand asks those questions and more in a new video blasting the mainstream media for censoring information on COVID.

Brand points to a group of 26 UK journalists who joined forces to protest the “censorship” and “fear-mongering” they say mainstream media and Big Tech have been peddling since the start of the pandemic.


Carrie Madej, D.O. ...


FDA plans 'sprint' to accelerate formal review of Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine

WASHINGTON — Under heavy pressure, the Food and Drug Administration center that reviews vaccines is planning to deprioritize some of its existing work, like meetings with drug sponsors and plant inspections, in an effort to accelerate its review of Pfizer’s application for the formal approval of its Covid-19 vaccine, a senior agency official told STAT.

Pfizer’s vaccine is currently cleared under a so-called emergency use authorization, which allows the company to sell the vaccine for as long as Covid-19 is considered a public health emergency.

But with Covid-19 still raging, and its spread now fueled by the Delta variant, lawmakers and prominent health experts have urged the FDA to expedite full approval of Pfizer’s vaccine, saying it would be a powerful tool in convincing the unvaccinated to get their shots and in giving businesses and other entities a stronger legal foundation to impose vaccine mandates.

12bytes says: Nothing is "raging" except the people who rightly will not accept an extremely dangerous experimental injection that is not a vaccine for a virus that cannot be proven to exist. I think it is highly likely that the FDA is using the alleged 'delta variant' to fast-track approval of this poison in order to circumvent lawsuits by organizations that are trying desperately to protect children from this gene therapy cocktail.


Indoor mask mandates revived for 8 counties in San Francisco Bay Area, including for fully vaccinated — RT USA News

Health departments across California's Bay Area have reintroduced indoor mask mandates, requiring residents in eight regions to don face coverings – vaccinated or not – as officials point to the rapid spread of the Delta variant.

12bytes says: ...

Mask provides no protection against COVID-19



Jim Meehan, MD, has a candid "doctor to doctor" discussion with Professor of Medicine, Peter McCullough, MD, about why he changed his mind on recommending the Covid vaccine to his patients, especially if they have already recovered from #Covid19.


NYC to Mandate Vaccines for Restaurants, Gyms, Performances + More • Children's Health Defense

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a new policy Tuesday that requires people to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination to dine inside restaurants, work out at a gym, attend a play or go out dancing.

The new program to "unlock New York City" will begin this month, with enforcement set to start in mid-September, according to City Hall.


58% of Infant Deaths Reported to VAERS Occurred Within 3 Days of Vaccination, Research Shows • Children's Health Defense

In a new research paper published in the journal Toxicology Reports, author Neil Z. Miller reports on the relationship between sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) death and the timing of vaccination, based on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) database.



12bytes says: The tl;dr version is simply that PCR testing CREATED the "pandemic".

Former President Donald Trump faced corporate media backlash for suggesting that the U.S. may be "testing too much," artificially inflating numbers. Now, that same argument has reappeared, this time it's being pushed to obfuscate breakthrough cases in the vaccinated. And what's really going on with the PCR test? Was it ever accurate in the first place?


World's Elderly Population Targeted with 3rd COVID-19 Shot for Those Who Survived the First Two

According to statistics released by the CDC in their Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), the vast majority of recorded deaths following one of the experimental COVID-19 injections has been among the elderly.

According to the CDC, 60% of all reported deaths following COVID-19 injections have been in people age 44 or higher, 50% of all reported deaths have been in people age 65 or older, and 35% of all recorded deaths have been in people age 75 or older.

When you consider that 38% of all recorded deaths following COVID injections the age is “unknown,” then those percentages among the elderly are most certainly even higher.


Australia Has Fallen – Europe and the U.S. Next?

I emailed a contact I have in Australia and asked him if it was really as bad as Summit News and people on Twitter were reporting, and if so, if it was only in the major cities like Sydney, and he replied:

Everything in that clip is true. Most of the worse draconian measures are currently in NSW/Sydney. The State Premier Dictator Gladys has turned particularly bad as has the PM Morrison. He speaks of punishing the unvaxxed.

But also other states have very draconian state laws including Western Australia where I live. Our state 2016 Public Health Act section 158 and other similar sections are about as bad as you could imagine with powers to forcibly remove clothing (actually says underwear) and give you a vaccine or medical treatment, yes also removing children.

That law is unconstitutional but it was passed by a state conservative government which shows you how both sides left and right have become the same evil bird.

There are rumours circulating that my state WA (and maybe all of Oz) will be put under a level 5 (the worst) lockdown by end of August, but we’ll see. There is no science to it just demon possessed dictators.


"No Wall High Enough; No Ocean Wide Enough; To Protect Us From The Vaccine" -Joe Biden Freudian Slip


Tucker Carlson Tonight [FULL] August 3, 2021 | Fox News Today 8/3/2021 - YouTube


The Jew Sues Texas


National Justice Exclusive: Whistleblower Exposes Department of Justice and FBI Dirty Tricks To Abuse and Steamroll The Rights Of January 6th Defendants, by Eric Striker - The Unz Review

A well placed source, whose position was verified by National Justice, is blowing the whistle on the largest Department of Justice investigation in history.

Federal prosecutors and the FBI are using dirty and unethical tricks to keep January 6th defendants in solitary confinement for an indefinite period of time.

The government’s strategy relies on compelling defense attorneys for jailed January 6th protesters to waive their client’s rights to a speedy trial, which requires that proceedings begin within 70 days of an indictment.

In proceedings, the FBI has claimed that it is “impossible” to provide all the exculpatory evidence, such as surveillance videos from the Capitol, in the time frame demanded by law. So far, this excuse has not been challenged. Defense lawyers are waiving their clients’ rights in order to give the FBI a chance to generate the evidence they need to make, but this is coming at the expense of defendant’s continuing to languish in solitary confinement. There doesn’t appear to be even an estimation for when the feds will fully produce the necessary information.


NY Prosecutor Criminally Investigating Cuomo, Will Request Evidence From Sexual Harassment Probe

A prosecutor in New York is in the middle of a criminal investigation into Gov. Andrew Cuomo, he said on Tuesday.

Albany County District Attorney David Soares said in a statement that his office was made aware of a report made public earlier in the day by New York Attorney General Letitia James, who tapped a team of legal experts to investigate sexual harassment allegations against fellow Democrat Cuomo.

The report substantiated some of the allegations, finding Cuomo harassed multiple women.

“The independent investigation has concluded that Governor Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women, and in doing so violated federal and state law,” James told a press conference.


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