News Bytes - HCQ now OK, new lockdowns, China did it - 16-Sep-2020

Dr. Simone Gold: Nevada is now the 7th state to quietly reverse their decision to block HCQ

Nevada is now the 7th state to quietly reverse their decision to block HCQ prescriptions for COVID-19. Physicians in Nevada can now once again prescribe HCQ as they deem necessary.

Governors lied & restricted medicine that could have saved lives. They should be held accountable.

Governments Will Impose New Lockdowns If They Think They Can Get Away with It | Mises Wire

Although they're slowly backing off on full lockdowns for now, governments have been very careful to maintain that they retain the power to reimpose them—including full-on strict and ruthless lockdown—at any time. In some areas, this has already been done, such as in southern Australia and in New Zealand. In the state of Victoria in Australia, for instance, residents in recent weeks have been subject to strict curfews and even road closures preventing them from traveling more than a few miles form their homes. Those who dissent—such as a pregnant mother who was arrested for merely discussing an upcoming protest—are brutalized. Meanwhile, military personnel enforce martial law, dragging people from their cars and demanding they show their "papers."

7 VPN myths debunked | NordVPN

12bytes says: See this related post.

1. Why should I pay for a VPN? I'll just get a free one!

As VPN myths go, this one is particularly dangerous to the average user. What you must always remember is this: when a for-profit company provides you with a service for free, that's because they are using you to make money. You are the product, not the customer.

San Francisco's COVID Laws Trigger 'Mass Exodus' of Residents and Businesses - 21st Century Wire

Not since the Great Depression of the 1930's has America suffered such severe economic depression. One of the hardest hit areas has been the retail sector, and specifically those in cities where local governments have issued a relentless raft of draconian 'lockdown' and 'social distancing' measures – supposedly to contain the conronavirus, even though it has already been shown that such extreme measures have virtually no effect whatsoever on the progression of viral spread.

For one reason or another, it seems these 'pandemic' policies have been especially harsh in cities and states run by Democratic Party leadership – who seem to be more inclined towards extreme health and safety policies than their Republican counterparts.

Ethical Skeptic: ... states slowed fatality reporting for 13 wks. Now some of these states will use this stored cache of deaths, to terrorize/punish their constituents

AR reported backfilled deaths today. But what you are not being told is many states are doing this.

It is CLEAR in the data that states slowed fatality reporting for 13 wks. Now some of these states will use this stored cache of deaths, to terrorize/punish their constituents.

News Bytes - HCQ now OK, new lockdowns, China did it - 16-Sep-2020

Cuties and Useful Idiots

The Cabal of Global Oligarchs is losing control of the narrative they've kept under wraps for so long and the cover-upperers have gone berzerk in their effort to hide what they are doing. In this video I look at the latest anti-anti-human trafficking pieces from the media, as well as the reaction to a new, revolting Netflix film.

Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccination Is Unethical and Unscientific | Mises Institute

We are fortunate to have vaccines as options in many cases. But mandatory vaccination can never be justified. If a vaccine were clearly 100 percent efficacious and 100 percent safe, there would be no need for coercion; people would voluntarily line up to take it.

From 9/11 to Covid-19: Nineteen Years of Permanent "Emergency" | Mises Institute

Whether we're commanded to trust the experts, abandon the rule of law, or venerate government for "keeping us safe," the 9/11 panic and our current crisis have many things in common.

Yelp Data: 60% Of Pandemic Closures Are Now Permanent

The Technocrat-led Great Panic of 2020 has created outright genocide among small business in America. Small businesses account for 80% of overall jobs in America, and as a mainstay of employment, took decades to develop: Now destroyed in mere months.

Chinese Virologist Whistleblower: China Made It, Turned It Loose

Hours after her unceremonious Twitter ban for, we assume, presenting evidence that SARS-CoV-2 was created in a Wuhan lab, Chinese virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan appeared on "Tucker Carlson Tonight," where she told the Fox News host that the virus is a "Frankenstein" which was designed to target humans which was intentionally released.

12bytes says: Take the part about China deliberately releasing the virus with many blocks of salt. We know the U.S. gave 3.7 million to the Wuhan lab to develop the virus and we know for a very long time that powerful and unelected people have been blathering about war with China.

More Neocon Propaganda? US 'Officials' Claim Iran Plotting Hit On US Ambassador - YouTube

The breathless headlines about an alleged Iranian plot to kill the US Ambassador to South Africa in retaliation for the US assassination of Iranian General Soleimani captured everyone's attention over the past few days. President Trump threatened Iran with destruction if they even think about it. But behind the headlines, is there anything to this story? Or is it just another in a long line of scare stories "leaked" by anonymous "US officials" all meant to control the foreign policy narrative? Also in today's program, the bizarre UK move to encourage citizens to spy on their neighbors - soon coming to our shores?

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