News Bytes - Fauci 'knocked out' after vaxxing // Merkel's COVID scandal // Biden gifts $4B of YOUR money to other countries - 24-Jan-2021

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Anthony Fauci Joins the Long List of People Incapacitated by Coronavirus Vaccine - Global Research

Anthony Fauci, the director of the United States government's National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told reporters Thursday that he was "knocked out" for about 24 hours after, on Tuesday, taking the second dose of experimental coronavirus vaccine. Fauci has thus joined the large and growing list of people who have suffered serious harm from the injections that he and other government officials have been encouraging Americans to take.


Another Lawsuit Against Merck Alleging Gardasil HPV Vaccine Caused Life-Changing Disability – Collective Evolution

Another lawsuit has been filed against Merck for allegedly causing another life-changing disability. As lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jr. explains, "Before he got the Gardasil (human papillomavirus) vaccine, our client Michael Colbath was a superlative athlete and scholar. A happy, healthy and active boy. In the months following his first injection, exhaustion and extreme fatigue forced Michael away from the sports and hobbies that had been centerpieces of his life. He had trouble staying awake during the school day. After his second Gardasil injection, Michael developed severe foot pain in both feet, so severe that he needed crutches to attend school. He had trouble waking up in the morning and getting out of bed."


Coronavirus Scandal Breaking in Merkel's Germany. False Positives and the Drosten PCR Test - Global Research

The widely-praised German model of the Angela Merkel regime to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic is now engulfed in a series of potentially devastating scandals going to the very heart of the testing and medical advice being used to declare draconian economic shutdowns and next, de facto mandatory vaccinations. The scandals involve a professor at the heart of Merkel's corona advisory group. The implications go far beyond German borders to the very WHO itself and their global recommendations.


Mexican President: Biden Will Pledge $4 Billion to Central American Countries

President Joe Biden spoke with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, with the Mexican leader saying the White House would send $4 billion to Central American countries.


Former Border Patrol Head: Biden Administration Made America Less Safe Within Hours

Morgan said he believes the administration didn't speak to experts with the Border Patrol about which policies should remain. He cited executive orders ending the Migrant Protection Protocol (MPP), also known as the "Remain in Mexico" program, as well as one that ended border wall system construction.

"So this was this is something we've been saying was the most dangerous thing that he's been saying all along, that he was going to get rid of on Day One, and that's what he did," the former commissioner said. "That policy [MPP] alone attributed to the absolute reduction of [migrant] families coming up from Central America."

Officials with the Department of Homeland Security didn't immediately respond to a request by The Epoch Times for comment.

"It's just frustrating what I'm seeing right now," Morgan said. "To me, it's all politics. It's all about politics. And our country's less safe because of it, and it's just disgusting."


One World Governance and the Council on Foreign Relations. "We Shall have World Government... by Conquest or Consent." - Global Research

First published by Global Research on August 18, 2016. The 2016 insights of Joachim Hagopian shed light on what is unfolding today at the outset of the Biden-Harris administration. A diabolical movement towards World Governance?


We Don't Need the Kind of Unity the Liberals are Proposing

A return to the boring old norm of world policing, corporate tax evasion, attacks on liberty, and the slow undermining of US economic freedom?


Court Says Lockdowns 'Catastrophically Wrong,' Overall Mortality Normal & Biden's Vaccine Passports

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (1/24/21).


At Least 24 Shot, 5 Fatally, Across Chicago Over the Weekend: Police

The Chicago Tribune's tally states that some 156 people have been shot in Chicago between Jan. 1, 2021, through January 21, 2021.

Last weekend, at least 23 people were shot, including six fatally, in the city. In 2020, a tally of Chicago's crime said that 4,100 people were shot while 719 were gunned down.

Overall, nearly 800 murders were recorded last year.


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