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News Bytes - Dr. schools school board; Now you'll need 5 "vaccines" to be fully vaxxed; Hospitals full of... you guessed it, VACCINATED PEOPLE - 9-Aug-2021

Functional Family Medicine Physician Gives Local School Board a Science Lesson on Viruses

This is Dr. Daniel Stock, a functional family medicine physician at Noblesville, Indiana. Here he gives the Mt. Vernon Community School Board a lesson on viruses, as well as the advice they rely upon from the State Board of Health and the CDC.


Google censors plandemic truth because it's heavily invested in covid "vaccines"

A big reason why Google, and by extension YouTube, is aggressively censoring all truth about the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “pandemic” is because the company is directly invested in the Chinese Virus injection from AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford.

Google directly profits from the sale of Fauci Flu shots, in other words, which explains why one of the world’s most evil corporations is pulling down YouTube videos and censoring search results that draw attention to all science debunking the plandemic as manufactured fraud.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich from the German Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee (Außerparlamentarischer Corona Untersuchungsausschuss) spoke with independent investigative reporter Whitney Webb recently about the collusion taking place between Google and AstraZeneca, and how the world is being deceived by it.

Despite claims that its jab is “not-for-profit,” AstraZeneca developed its Chinese Virus injection via Adrian Hill and Sarah Gilbert from the Jenner Institute for Vaccine Research. The patents and royalty rights are likewise held by a private corporation known as Vaccitech, which was co-founded by Hill and Gilbert.

Among Vaccitech’s most prominent investors are Google Ventures, the Wellcome Trust, the British government, a Deutsche Bank capital investment company known as BRAAVOS, and various communist Chinese companies including Fosun Pharma.

12bytes says: Don't use Google people. There are better alternatives that offer less censoring.


Swedish Professor: People Will Need FIVE Covid Vaccine Doses for Immunity – If you Don't Submit You'll no Longer Qualify as "Fully Vaccinated" – Daily Expose

Biomedical analyst Matt Sallberg of the Swedish Karolinska Institute (KI) said that individuals who are inoculated with two doses of the Covid vaccine may not have enough protection. He said that "recurring shots" will likely be necessary to maintain immunity against SARS-CoV-2.





The PCR test, the greatest magician to have ever existed. If you think David Copperfield making the Statue of Liberty disappear was impressive, imagine making the liberty of 7 billion people disappear. Not only that, the PCR test made 37 million flu cases vanish in a single year, and like all good magic tricks, those flu cases are about to reappear. Now that's some top tier magic, isn't it? Or maybe that's just what we call science these days.


24 Covid-Skeptic Memes to Get You Through the Day – Part 9 – OffGuardian


Safe and Effective’ – Then and Now


STAGGERING: 2,500+ VAERS Reports Of Bell's Palsy/ Facial Paralysis After Controversial "Vaccines"


Australian Couple Threatened with 12 Months in Prison for Refusing Covid PCR Test

Western Australia: Samuel and Deanna traveled to Queensland last winter and refused to get PCR tests when they returned home to Perth. Despite a long quarantine of 24 days without symptoms, authorities threatened 12 months in prison and/ or a $50,000 fine per individual for refusing the test. They were told that "reasonable force" could be used to make them comply. Police said that, if the health department authorized coming into their home, they could do so without a warrant.


Stop "Vaccine Passports" and Mandated COVID-19 Vaccinations that May Be Approved this Month

The US Department of Defense is set to announce that each of its 1.3-million service members will be forced to take the COVID-19 vaccine. Meanwhile, the FDA could give full approval to the vaccine as soon as this month. San Francisco became the first US city to order every city employee to be vaccinated. New York, California, and other states are planning to implement vaccine passports. The media is promoting cell-phone contact tracing. Tell your congressmen and state legislators to repeal every existing vaccine and passport mandate and to oppose any new ones. Tell them to preserve current religious, philosophical, and medical exemptions for vaccinations and, wherever possible, to expand those exemptions.


CDC Flip-Flops Again, Now Says Vaccines Can't Prevent Spread of COVID

Four months ago, on March 30, 2021, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said: "Our data from the CDC today suggest that vaccinated people do not carry the virus," indicating that vaccinated people could neither catch or spread the illness. A few weeks later a CDC study claimed that Pfizer and Moderna follow-up shots reduced the risk of infection by 90%. On August 5, Walensky was interviewed on CNN and said, "Our vaccines are working exceptionally well. They continue to work well for Delta in regard to severe illness and death being prevented. But what they can't do anymore is prevent transmission." In just the past two weeks, the CDC went from claiming vaccines are preventing variants to claiming vaccines may be causing variants. Tony Fauci now says that vaccinated people can infect other people. The CDC now recommends that vaccinated people wear masks. All of which leads to the question: If vaccinated and non-vaccinated people can carry and transmit the virus – with or without symptoms – then what is the purpose of a vaccination passport?


Standard COVID Protocol Treatments Still Killing Patients in Hospitals – When will the Murders Stop?

Police roaming the streets in Australia enforcing medical martial law, arresting senior citizens for not wearing masks, threatening a young mother in her home in front of her children for posting something on Facebook about a protest – these are all images that have been coming out of Australia in recent days where some are saying that Australia has now become a medical police state.

A very disturbing video posted by a woman on Instagram who claims to be from Sydney, Australia, reports that a young man who was taken to an unnamed hospital in Sydney for pneumonia, and had tested negative for COVID-19, was forced to receive COVID standard protocol treatments anyway against his will, which resulted in him going into an induced coma where his heart stopped beating for several minutes and he was declared dead, a “COVID death.”


Rise of the VARIANTS

A lot of noise has been made these last few weeks about the rise of the new Delta and Lambda covid variants. There have been threats of a fourth wave, new lockdowns, and the surprise of increasing cases among the vaccinated… but is it really a surprise? While the media and government officials convinced people a vaccine would be the end of this hellscape, others like Dr. Bossche have been warning about this exact situation for some time. New variants, whose origins all correlate with the locations of the initial vaccine trials should have scientists thinking about a cause and effect relationship but is instead regulated to coincidence. Perhaps as the weeks continue to roll on and we get more information about breakthrough cases, we'll find out if the vaccinated will end up being just Lambdas to the slaughter.




South Korea to Compensate Nurse Paralysed after COVID-19 Shot - Global Research

For the first time in South Korea, a nursing assistant who was paralyzed after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine was recognized as a victim of an industrial accident, making her eligible for government benefits and compensation.

The nursing assistant, who has not been identified, received AstraZeneca's shot on March 12 and later suffered from double vision and paralysis and was diagnosed with acute encephalomyelitis, the state-run Korea Workers' Compensation & Welfare Service said on Friday.


Video: PCR Test is an Outrageous Fraud, Corona Virus Is Just Like the Common Flu. Reiner Fuellmich - Global Research

The PCR test is an outrageous fraud that was never meant to detect a virus.

The main goal of this pandemic fraud was to vaccinate the entire world and that seems to be working out quite well for these evil globalist criminals.


This Week in the New Normal #1 – OffGuardian

That the press and governments would, in one voice, blame those people who decline to be injected with experimental gene therapies for the continued “pandemic” was inevitable. We published a very good essay about it.

When Joe Biden talks about a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”, most of us roll our eyes. There’s nothing subtle going on here. But still…I wanted to break down an especially heinous article.


France, Italy Swept By Mass Protests Against COVID Health Pass

France saw its largest protests yet against the country's health pass, as thousands swept across major Italian town demanding an end to the infamous green pass.


Masks Remain DESPITE The Science, Natural Immunity Elephant In The Room & Vaccine Narrative Meltdown

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours.


It Begins: Boston Court Takes Custody of Biotech Executive's 14-Year-Old Child to Force Vaccination Against Parents' Wishes – Freedom First Network

For months, we’ve been warning people that Covid-19 “vaccine” totalitarianism would eventually lead to government taking our kids if we don’t let them get the jab. Well, it’s happening.

Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the very mRNA technology used in Pfizer and Moderna injections, was on with Steve Bannon on War Room today to explain the situation that’s unfolding in Boston, MA. A 14-year-old child who wants to be vaccinated could not get her parents’ permission, so the court has stepped in and revoked custody in order for her to get vaccinated without their consent.


Texas Democrats Who Fled Sue Texas Gov. Abbott for Causing 'Anxiety,' 'Embarrassment'

About two dozen state Democrats filed a lawsuit against Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for allegedly causing "distress," "anxiety," and "embarrassment" after they left the state to deny the Republican majority in the House the ability to start a special legislative session over a voting overhaul bill.


NY Lawmakers Grant "Protected Class" Status to Cops, They Can Now Sue People for "Harassment" - Activist Post

Nassau County, NY — As if blue privilege in the form of qualified immunity, special treatment under the law, ability to break laws they enforce, get out of jail free cards, “blue lives matter” laws, and every other perk that comes from wearing a badge, wasn’t enough, cops in New York just received yet another benefit.

On Monday, lawmakers in Nassau County passed a controversial bill that grants police officers and other first responders a protected class status to ostensibly defend them from hate crimes. The bill will allow them to sue protesters and others for “harassment” and essentially establishes their career choice as a race or nationality. According to the legislation:

"It shall be an unlawful discriminatory practice to harass, menace, assault or injure an individual due to such individual’s status as a first responder and that those who violate this provision be subject to a substantial civil penalty and as well as civil liability to the first responder."

“This proposed law gives police the same statutory context as persons of color,” Frederick Brewington, a civil rights lawyer, said. “It’s effectively forcing protestors to choose not to voice their views or demonstrate out of fear of sanctioned reprisals.”


Syria: 40 Links That Prove Regime Change Plans | World Affairs

Too many people believe the Disney version of what's happening in Syria — gallant America riding a white horse to save the poor children of Syria from a brutal dictator. The truth about Syria is that the western elites have been trying to overthrow the government for many decades. Everything else is just drama for public consumption.


Beyond Pegasus: The Bigger Picture of Israeli Cyber Spying : The Corbett Report

We have been told to live in mortal fear of online hackers, and, as the “cyber pandemic” narrative ramps up, the fear-mongering over Chinese, Russian and even North Korean cyberwarriors is going into overdrive.

Strange, then, given this climate of non-stop cybersecurity hysteria, that we rarely hear mention of one of the world’s confirmed cyberhacking superpowers: Israel. Just as Israel’s nuclear arsenal is the worst-kept secret in the world, it seems that mention of Israel’s cyber arsenal is strictly forbidden in the mainstream press. But it is now undeniable that Israel is running one of the most sophisticated, pervasive and influential cyberhacking operations in the world.


Israel's Miscalculated Aggression Against Lebanon, May Spark A War It Cannot Handle

Last Friday, for the first time since the end of the 2006 Israel-Lebanon war, Lebanese Hezbollah fired rockets into Israel in retaliation for Israeli airstrikes. This development has led to backward reporting by the western media, and the US government blaming Hezbollah for the entire situation. But will this also lead to a possible war between the Israeli military and Lebanon?


Video: FBI Whistleblower Exposes Shocking Reasons Why Child Sex Abuse Crimes Are Not an FBI Priority - Global Research

Ex-special agent Turner, who was retaliated against when she embarrassed the FBI for exposing her colleague's failure to investigate serious child sex abuse crimes on North Dakota Indian reservations, explains that crimes like those committed by former USA Gymnastics physician Dr. Larry Nasser take so long to be addressed or aren't addressed at all because many agents are uncomfortable dealing with them, they aren't trained to properly investigate them and they do not lead to major promotions.


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