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News Bytes - Degeneracy in KY | 82% of COVID deaths in UK among vaccinated | Injecting kids without parents knowledge - 29-Oct-2021

Kentucky High School Stages Drag Show as Part of Homecoming Celebration - The New American

A high-school principal and other administrators are under fire as photos of a recent event showed male students dressed as females giving lap dances to administrators. The Hazard High School in Hazard, Kentucky, apparently staged what they called a "man pageant" as part of its homecoming celebration this week.


Official figures show Fully Vaccinated accounted for 82% of Covid-19 Deaths & 66% of Hospitalisations in England during the past month – The Expose

The 'Covid-19 Vaccine Surveillance Report – Week 43' was published by the UK Health Security Agency (formerly Public Health England) on Thursday, 28th October 2021 and it shows that the vast majority of Covid-19 hospitalisations between September 27th and October 24th were among the fully vaccinated population.


Attorneys and Doctors Warn that Hospitals are No Longer Safe – Remdesivir Drug Kills 25% of Patients – 85% Patients on Ventilators Die

Yesterday we published the article written by Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD, who stated that “Hospital admission has become like reporting to prison.”

This was a masterfully written article highlighting the programs that are in place today forcing COVID protocols on people that result in premature death and euthanizing patients over the age of 50.

Dr. Vliet also published a Press Conference yesterday titled: Stop the Shot – Caught on Tape, where she interviews several doctors and attorneys who are fighting back against the current hospital system that is literally murdering people.

It is a 90 minute video found on Rumble here.

We have separated the speakers in this Press Conference into shorter segments and uploaded them to our Bitchute and Rumble channels.

These doctors and attorneys, most of whom have also lost loved ones who were held as prisoners in hospitals and were killed, give practical advice about how to prepare for a hospital visit should you feel you need to use one.

They all agree, however, that as much as possible everyone should avoid hospitals right now, because they are literally murdering people by forcing dangerous COVID protocols, often against the wishes of the patient and their family.

If you believe that something like this could never happen in the United States, then your life and the lives of those you love may very well hang in the balance right now, and the advice and knowledge you will learn from listening to these interviews could literally be the difference between life and death for you.


More Than Lawsuits Needed to Stop Vax Coercion Juggernaut, Warns SC Lawyer - The New American

More than lawyers and court cases will be required to stop the growing attack on individual liberties manifested in the efforts to force Americans to submit to unwanted COVID injections, says South Carolina attorney Lauren Martell. She also gives insight into how families can protect each other and themselves from the infamous "Fauci" protocols being used in hospitals across America. Perhaps most alarming, she says Americans are now living under the boot of communist-style occupation and rule by unelected bureaucrats.


Attorney Thomas Renz: "These Hospitals are Murdering People" and They Know It

Thomas Renz is an attorney we have previously featured here at Health Impact News. He is currently filing federal lawsuits against the government (HHS) for withholding information from the public on how dangerous the COVID-19 vaccines are that are killing and injuring so many people.

In this interview with Dr. Vliet he gives an update on this work, and explains that the government's own data on medicare/medicaid treatments shows that the Remdesivir drug kills 25% of patients who take it, and that 85% of patients put on ventilators for more than 96 hours end up dying.

He claims that this is purposeful and not an accident, as the people in the hospitals clearly know this is happening. He states:

"People are saying 'don't give me Remdesivir' and they're doing it anyways. That is a battery."

He issues a strong warning to doctors working in these hospitals that he intends to hold them accountable for murder.

This interview was extracted from the Stop the Shot - Caught on Tape Press Conference found here


Maryann: Marine Veteran and Former Police Officer Father Died as a Medical Prisoner

In a very raw and emotional interview, Dr. Vliet interviews a woman named Maryann who just recently lost her father who died as a medically kidnapped prisoner in a hospital. She goes public with her story to try and warn and save others.

Like others interviewed in this Press Conference, she warns people to stay out of hospitals and take care of your family members at home.

This interview was extracted from the Stop the Shot - Caught on Tape Press Conference found here


Dr. Bryan Ardis: We Need to Stop this Murderous Protocol - Everyone's Lives are Threatened Now

Dr. Bryan Ardis recently lost his father-in-law to a hospital who forced COVID protocols on him. He has done extensive studies on the drug Remdesivir and Anthony Fauci's criminal activities in forcing hospitals to use this dangerous drug, while banning other more effective drugs that are safe.

Dr. Ardis believes that the use of the dangerous Remdesivir drug is the #1 cause of deaths in COVID wards today, not COVID itself. He also states that hospitals are being incentivised financially to recommend Remdesivir over other drugs.

He warns people to stay out of hospitals right because they are medically and criminally kidnapping people.

This interview was extracted from the Stop the Shot - Caught on Tape Press Conference found here


Attorney Ali Shultz: Hospital Isolation is Same as Unlawful Imprisonment and Torture

Ali Shultz was the lead attorney for America's Frontline Doctors, and currently lives in Arizona where she just recently lost her mother-in-law who was murdered in the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale due to COVID protocols.

Her efforts in patient advocacy saved her father-in-law who was eventually released from the Mayo Clinic before they could kill him, and she is now helping others learn how to file criminal charges against hospitals that are killing people through COVID protocols.

This interview was extracted from the Stop the Shot - Caught on Tape Press Conference found here


Attorney Lauren Martel: Even if You Don't Have COVID They May Force COVID Protocols on You

Attorney Lauren Martel has worked together with Dr. Vliet on several patient cases in South Carolina where patients were held as prisoners.

Attorney Martel talks about the decision makers in these hospitals that are responsible for withholding life-saving treatments for COVID-19. She talks about a whistle blower who claims that there is a plan in place to restrict effective treatments even when patients request them.

She is exploring not only legal remedies, but getting law enforcement involved to stop these murderous practices happening in hospitals today.

Attorney Martel also talks about some horrible cases where people went into an ER with no signs of COVID, were given a PCR test and determined to be COVID positive, and then put on COVID protocols even without any symptoms of COVID, and given COVD treatments like Remdesivir and then ended up dying a week later.

This interview was extracted from the Stop the Shot - Caught on Tape Press Conference found here


REPORT: Pfizer Vaccine Confirmed To Cause Neurodegenerative Diseases - Study - National File

In a shocking new report on the COVID-19 vaccines, it has been discovered that the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine may have long term health effects not previously disclosed, including “ALS, Alzheimer’s, and other neurological degenerative diseases.”

“The current RNA based SARSCoV-2 vaccines were approved in the US using an emergency order without extensive long term safety testing,” the report declares. “In this paper the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine was evaluated for the potential to induce prion-based disease in vaccine recipients.” Prion-based diseases are, according to the CDC, a form of neurodegenerative diseases, meaning that the Pfizer vaccine is potentially likely to cause long term damage and negative health effects with regards to the brain.


Children's Health Defense Joins Citizens on November 3 to Kick Off Worldwide Walkouts to Demand a Return to Freedom and Democratic Principles • Children's Health Defense

Washington, DC – On November 3rd, Children's Health Defense (CHD) will join organizations and individuals by kicking off a worldwide "walk out" of work by calling in sick or taking a personal day to gather in protest of the unprecedented loss of freedom that has occurred the world over since the COVID pandemic began. Parents will also be pulling their children out of school for the day to protest the many restraints that have applied directly to children.


Louisiana Highschool Caught Injecting Children with COVID-19 Shots Without Parental Knowledge

East Jefferson High School in Kenner, Louisiana, has been caught injecting children with COVID-19 shots without parental knowledge or approval, and one mother has reportedly retained an attorney and is suing after her 16-year-old son was injected in an Ochsner Health System mobile vaccination clinic sponsored by the school.

The Louisiana Department of Health requires a parent’s signature for persons under 18 being vaccinated.

If you truly want your child safe from getting injected with a COVID-19 shot that may kill or cripple them, the only real option you have today is to keep them out of school, whether private or public.


72% Of Unvaccinated Workers Vow to Quit if Ordered to Get Vaccinated + More • Children's Health Defense

A survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation, a think tank concentrating on health issues, found 37% of unvaccinated workers say they will quit their jobs if forced to either get vaccinated or take weekly COVID tests. And if their employer mandates vaccines and doesn't offer the testing option, 72% of the unvaccinated workers say they will quit.


Student Gets Leg Amputated After COVID Vaccine, Dies of Brain Blood Clots + More • Children's Health Defense

Ketsiree Kongkaew, who studied at Phangnga Community College in Thailand, died of a hemorrhagic stroke after brain surgery. The student had remained unconscious following the surgery and needed a ventilator to breathe. She was pronounced dead Monday.

The young woman, who had been admitted to the Songklanagarind Hospital, had previously gotten her left leg amputated after she developed blood clots following her second dose of COVID-19 vaccine, according to the Bangkok Post.


FDA: "We're Never Going to Learn About How Safe the Vaccine for Children Is Until We Start Giving It" - The New American

While the committee endorsed the shot in a 17-0 vote, one FDA panelist, Dr. Eric Rubin, made some unsettling remarks in regard to vaccines' safety, saying, verbatim, "We're never gonna learn about how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it. That's the way it goes."


Scientist Whose Wife Was Injured by COVID Vaccine Tells FDA: 'Please Do Not Give This to Kids' • Children's Health Defense

"Your decision is being rushed, based on incomplete data from underpowered trials, insufficient to predict rates of severe and long-lasting adverse reactions. I urge the committee to reject the EUA [Emergency Use Authorization] modification and direct Pfizer to perform trials that will decisively demonstrate that the benefits outweigh the risks for children. I understand firsthand the impact that you will or will not have with the decision you're going to make today."


VAERS Admits Fewer Than 1% of Vaccine Adverse Events are Reported | Armstrong Economics

"Adverse events from drugs and vaccines are common, but underreported. Although 25% of ambulatory patients experience an adverse drug event, less than 0.3% of all adverse drug events and 1-13% of serious events are reported to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Likewise, fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported. Low reporting rates preclude or slow the identification of "problem" drugs and vaccines that endanger public health."


America's Frontline Doctor: Microscopic data shows 'clotting' in lungs, vessels, brains of jabbed patients - LifeSite

'Under the microscope, we see clotting in the lungs, we see clotting in the vessels, we see clotting in the brain, not from the virus, but from the spike [protein] from the vaccine itself.'


Nearly Two Million Americans Dead from COVID Vaccines, Infections, and Collateral Impacts: Dr. Joel Hirschhorn - Global Research

There have been increasing articles and studies about excess deaths during the pandemic. Too many of these seem aimed at getting attention rather than being accurate and balanced. The concept of excess deaths is simple: deaths above what was normally observed before the pandemic. But why are more people dying even after accounting for COVID infection deaths? Getting to the correct answer is the goal of this article.


INSANE: Schools Secretly Random Testing Kids With NO Symptoms

Our children have become science experiments and medical test subjects for the sick and deranged tyrannical sociopaths in government. Karen Kingston reported to "The Stew Peters Show" that her ASYMPTOMATIC son was tested for COVID, but the story gets even more alarming.


Colorado Springs Student Forced to Have Mask TAPED to Her Face While at School – The Expose

The teenage girl, a student at Academy School District 20, said that she was forced to tape her mask to her face while at school. According to the student’s mother, the incident occurred because the student’s face mask kept falling off while she was in class.

The school district explained that it started getting reports about this happening at Chinook Trail Middle School in mid-October. It’s still unclear what happened leading up to the mask taping incident.

Alison Cortez, chief communications officer for District 20, advised others not to speculate on the matter. “Because of social media, we now have so many other voices in the mix that may not have been involved and so now there’s misinformation that’s mingled in with actual facts,” warned Cortez.

According to reports, similar incidents are taking place with other students in Colorado Springs. After finding out about the incident, concerned parents are now demanding answers.


TLAV: Your Never-Ending COVID-19 Booster Cycle & Moderna's Miracle

Whitney joined TLAV to discuss the never-ending "booster" cycle of COVID-19 injections that is already under way, and her recent article about Moderna's mRNA shots and the miraculous timing of their "success".


Sheriff Mack Calls Out Cops: "They Are Nuremberg Officers"

The federal government, as vast as it is, can’t easily enforce vaccine mandates by itself. Like with all law enforcement, they depend a lot on local support. That’s why sanctuary city laws matter so much: If local police aren’t helping federal authorities enforce immigration laws, then immigration law simply goes unenforced.

So, what happens if conservative police and sheriffs start to resist unconstitutional mandates with the same energy that the left resists completely constitutional and necessary immigration laws? Is that a viable path to stopping the creeping Biden dictatorship?

Richard Mack is the former sheriff of Graham County, Arizona. He’s also the founder of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers of America.


American Identifies as Mexican to Avoid Biden Vaccine Mandate - 21st Century Wire

Worried about having to comply with President Biden's draconian vaccine mandates? Well, turns out the solution might be easier than you think, especially if you like a good walk outdoors.

One American has figured it out: simply identify as Mexican and come back in over the southern border, and with a few extra perks for the effort.


BUSTED! Phil Murphy's Advisors on Hidden Video: N.J. Governor WILL Impose Vax Mandate AFTER Reelection - The New American

There are certain things a politician just might not reveal before an election, and New Jersey governor Phil Murphy is no exception. We know this because, with the Democrat's chance at reelection coming up next Tuesday, his advisors were just caught on hidden video admitting that he will force state residents to be vaccinated after he's reelected. But he can't be honest about it yet because, one underling said, "right now it is about him winning."


Pharma Anschluss: Austria Considering Policy of State Segregation, House Arrest for Unvaccinated - 21st Century Wire

The government of Austria is now considering imposing a COVID lockdown – for the unvaccinated ONLY. A policy of confinement will be enforced for anyone who refused the experimental corporate injection. Unvaccinated persons will be ordered to remain in their homes at all times, except for 'authorised' reasons (to be determined by the state).


Whitney Webb Interview (Global Elite Deep Dive...What Is Their History, Motive, and True Plan?)


Next: 1,000 Private Jets Will Assemble In Davos To Execute The Great Reset

Sustainable Development, aka Technocracy, is a Utopian myth that will not "save the world" but rather destroy it. Its cracked policies have been noted for at least 30 years and the fruit of destruction is all around us. If successful, their dream that "You will own nothing" will not bring happiness, but rather homelessness.


COP26 & The Great Reset: The Not So Glorious Prospect Of Owning Nothing

The snake is eating its tail. Curtailing energy in any form curtails economic activity by the same amount because all economic activity requires energy. Many countries will have a cold, dark winter thanks to the contrived energy crunch around the world. The transformation to Technocracy is predicated on the destruction of the existing economic system.


G. Edward Griffin Explains the Federal Reserve Plans to Replace Money with Central Bank Digital Currency

G. Edward Griffin explains what the Federal Reserve is and how it came to have control over our government. He said that the Federal Reserve is transitioning to a new monetary system and is planning to institute central bank digital currency (CBDC), similar to a credit card, but the banks will control over the money, and people will need to get permission from the bank to spend. He said that silver and gold and other tangible investments outside the banking system are likely to hold their value.


A Huge Change in Banking is About to Happen – and You Won't Like It

Patent attorney John Titus said that the Federal Reserve (Fed) added $4.5 trillion to its balance sheet since March 2020, which is the largest monetary event in the history of the world! Not only did the Fed add a gargantuan $4.5 trillion in reserves, but they did it in such a way that it forced the creation of $4.5 trillion in new bank money, for the express purpose of deliberately causing mass inflation. The Federal Reserve is carrying out this plan under the cover of the so-called pandemic, but the plan was created before Covid-19 was introduced. The plan was drafted by BlackRock and given to the Federal Reserve in August 2019, four months before Covid struck.


Los Angeles, Chicago and 20 Other Cities to Launch Universal Basic Income Scheme to Increase Dependency on Govt.

Twenty-two cities across the United States that will participate in a universal basic income (UBI) program funded by money that cities have received from the coronavirus stimulus package. UBI will make people dependent on the government and will drain the labor force, negatively affecting small businesses. Los Angeles has the largest UBI pilot program with $40 million in funding, Chicago's leftist Mayor Lori Lightfoot proposes spending $31 million on the program to give 5,000 low-income households $500 per month despite Chicago's 20-member Black Caucus that wants to redirect the money to violence prevention programs. Durham, North Carolina will soon provide more than 100 formerly incarcerated residents with a guaranteed income of $500 a month.


We Will Not Comply! - #NewWorldNextWeek

This week on the New World Next Week: NIH scrubs gain-of-function from its website; J&J gets rid of the baby powder cancer lawsuits; and We Will Not Comply as the people rise up against the tyranny.


Dig It! #116: Hold The Line!

In this week's podcast we discuss Corey's latest report on BlackRock CEO Larry Fink, digital identity updates, the FDA hearing, the Democrat spending bills, and first responders holding the line in NYC.


Biden considering awarding $450,000 per person to families separated at border under Trump policy

The Biden administration is considering paying out a whopping $450,000 per person to families separated at the southern border as it tries to settle lawsuits with migrants who say the policy caused them lasting psychological damage.

Officials from the Departments of Justice, Homeland Security, and Health and Human Services are considering the payments that could total close to $1 million for two people within the same family, people familiar told the Wall Street Journal.


Rutgers Prof: Whites Are Villains. "We Gotta Take These MotherF***ers Out." - The New American

In an openly racist attack during an interview with The Root, Rutgers “professor” Brittney Cooper slyly suggested that whites must be exterminated.

Cooper backed off the remark and then said she doesn’t support violence, not because exterminating whites would be mass murder, but because it would harm the souls of blacks. Yet the gist of her interview was clear: As a group, whites are evil.


Roger Stone to Gov DeSantis: Audit FL NOW, 1 MILLION Phantom Voters! | Stew Peters

Former Trump Campaign Senior Advisor, Roger Stone, appeared on "The Stew Peters Show" with a powerful message, calling on Governor Ron DeSantis to audit the 2020 election in the Sunshine State.


UK Approves Arms Export Licences to Israel, an "Undeclared Nuclear Weapons State" that Violates UNSC Resolution 2334 - Global Research

The ultra, Right-wing Likud party of the State of Israel is headed by a politician who is now on trial for corruption and bribery in office having been Prime Minister of Israel for over a decade.

His wife was indicted on fraud charges. But those facts did not stop him from standing for election again in a country where the electorate obviously admire his policies of harassment and containment of the Palestinian Arab minority by a 14-year illegal blockade of essential goods and the destruction of power supplies to nearly two million civilians in Gaza.

This is the politician whose manifesto includes the forced annexation of the Palestinian West Bank, Arab East Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip, and the strategic Golan Heights. Such a policy often includes ethnic cleansing: a frightening phrase that can include the mass killing of an indigenous people. The Holocaust was exactly that – ethnic cleansing on an international scale that was perpetrated in Nazi-occupied Europe during WW2.

The Israeli navy now has a fleet of nuclear-armed, state of the art, submarines, (built by a ThyssenKrupp shipyard in Germany and subsidised by the Merkel government), that has a second-strike capability, and which is assumed to be secretly patrolling the Mediterranean and the Gulf 24/7, with its lethal WMD that that have the ability to destroy major strategic targets, at the press of a button.

The State of Israel is the only undeclared nuclear-weaponised state in the world and as such is completely outside the IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency and its UN inspectorate.


Israel to Attack Iran? Washington Gives the Green Light to the 'Military Option', by Philip Giraldi - The Unz Review

Some might recall candidate Joe Biden’s pledge to work to rejoin the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) which was a multilateral agreement intended to limit Iran’s ability to develop a nuclear weapon. The JCPOA was signed by President Barack Obama in 2015, when Biden was Vice President, and was considered one of the only foreign policy successes of his eight years in office. Other signatories to it were Britain, China, Germany, France, and Russia and it was endorsed by the United Nations. The agreement included unannounced inspections of Iranian nuclear facilities by the IAEA and, by all accounts, it was working and was a non-proliferation success story. In return for its cooperation Iran was to receive its considerable assets frozen in banks in the United States and was also to be relieved of the sanctions that had been placed on it by Washington and other governments.

The JCPOA crashed and burned in 2018 when President Donald Trump ordered U.S. withdrawal from the agreement, claiming that Iran was cheating and would surely move to develop a nuclear weapon as soon as the first phase of the agreement was completed. Trump, whose ignorance on Iran and other international issues was profound, had surrounded himself with a totally Zionist foreign policy team, including members of his own family, and had bought fully into the arguments being made by Israel as well as by Israel Lobby predominantly Jewish groups to include the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). Trump’s time in office was spent pandering to Israel in every conceivable way, to include recognizing Jerusalem as the country’s capital, granting Israel the green light for creating and expanding illegal settlements on the West Bank and recognizing the occupied Syrian Golan Heights as part of Israel.

Given Trump’s record, most particularly the senseless and against-American-interests abandonment of JCPOA, it almost seemed a breath of fresh air to hear Biden’s fractured English as he committed his administration to doing what he could to rejoin the other countries who were still trying to make the agreement work. After Biden was actually elected, more or less, he and his Secretary of State Tony Blinken clarified what the U.S. would seek to do to “fix” the agreement by making it stronger in some key areas that had not been part of the original document.


PCHR: Weekly Report on Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory – – IMEMC News

Israeli forces continued to commit crimes and multi-layered violations against Palestinian civilians and their properties, including raids into Palestinian cities that are characterized with excessive use of force, assault, abuse, and attacks on civilians, turning the West Bank into isolated blocks of land. This week, Israeli Defense Minister, Benny Gantz, designated six pioneering Palestinian civil society organizations as terrorist organizations, allegedly for affiliations with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), aiming to free Palestine and abolish the State of Israel. This is an obvious ploy to silence and end these leading organizations, who expose the occupation's crimes, aim to prosecute them before the international criminal court, and support Palestinian people's resilience.


A visitor | Hoisting Heavy Logs onto the Off Grid Cabin | Epic Elk Fight in the Mountains - YouTube


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