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News Bytes - Biden, Macron agree on Afghan lies | Prof. hits school board with facts | Doctors confused when kids have sex changed on records - 22-Aug-2021

Biden and Macron agree over fake reasons for Afghan war

French President Emmanuel Macron and US President Joe Biden addressed their respective nations on the capture of Kabul by the Taliban on August 15, 2021. Both claimed that the sole purpose of the US invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 was to “pursue those who attacked us on September 11, 2001, and to ensure that al-Qaeda could not use Afghanistan as a base for further attacks.”

But the 2001 war was actually decided in mid-July 2001, when the Berlin negotiations between the United States and the United Kingdom and the Taliban – not the Afghan government – failed. Russia and Pakistan were observers at these secret talks.

Because of the failure, the US and the UK began to amass 40 000 troops in Egypt and almost the entire British fleet in the Arabian Sea. And only after this arrangement was in place, did the attacks of September 11 take place.


Healthcare Workers, First Responders, Parents, Students Rally Against COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

SANTA MONICA, Calif.—A coalition of groups including medical professionals, first responders, parents, and students gathered in Santa Monica on Aug. 21 to protest Los Angeles' impending COVID-19 vaccine mandate, saying it will segregate the city, breed more hate, and violate the rights of tens of thousands of people.


EPIC Speech Against Mask Mandates Birmingham Michigan School Board Not Informed Consent, NOT Science


Fed-up Unarmed Australians Hit the Streets in Protest of Medical Police State – Police Fire on Crowds

Australians turned out in mass Saturday to protest tyrannical police harassment in a country that is reported to now be more authoritarian than even China.

In Victoria, video footage shows police firing on unarmed crowds, allegedly with rubber bullets. Other substances were sprayed on the crowd such as pepper spray, and one video clip showed a young boy blinded and crying.

This was all after a week that saw horrific video footage online throughout Australia of police beating up 12-year-olds for not wearing masks, a child being ripped from a parent’s arms allegedly to inject her, and police just in general terrorizing the public for whatever reason they saw fit, using “COVID” as an excuse for everything.


The reason why the authorities are so desperate to make sure every man, woman, and child gets the Covid-19 Vaccine – Daily Expose

Have you ever wondered why the authorities are so desperate to make sure every man, woman, and child gets the Covid-19 vaccine? The answer is obvious when you think about it. They can't have a "control group" of unvaccinated people, because if there is then it will become abundantly clear that the Covid-19 injections don't work, cause severe injuries, and kill people.


Leaked NHS document states unvaccinated staff must be dismissed under another false reason to prevent legal action – Daily Expose

A leaked NHS document allegedly sent to care home management clearly states that care home staff will be dismissed from their employment if they have decided not to have the Covid-19 injection, but that it must be done under another "substantial reason" in order to avoid claims of unfair dismissal.


Derrick Wilburn, District49 School Board meeting, 8.12.2021


Children as young as 10 are having their sex changed on their medical records sparking fears that GPs could misdiagnose patients – David Icke

A paediatrician has warned that routine tests could be wrongly interpreted if GPs do not know the birth sex of their patient.

She told The Mail on Sunday she had seen half a dozen young people, aged from under ten to their mid-teens, given a new name and gender on official health documents. In some cases, they were given a new NHS number, meaning that their original records had been replaced with ones that did not mention their birth sex.


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