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News Bytes - 26-May-2022

Father Learns The Hard Way-Son Collapses At The Vax Centre And Dies On The Way To The Hospital


Woman Has Vax Induced Miscarriage:Tells Doubting Friends "Take Yourself The F*ck Out Of My Life"


The Explosion Of Cancer And Latent Disease After Vaccination Epoch Times Interviews Dr. Richard Urso


Monkeypox War Games


The Virus Hunter Dr. Stefan Lanka: Belief in "Viruses" is a Religion


No More Monkey Business Andrew Kaufman, M.D.

Andrew Kaufman M.D. drops logical common sense in a three-step approach to dispel the latest misplaced fears fed by media hype on MonkeyPox. Andy carefully dissects the isolation papers cited by Monkeyplot fear agitators in the mainstream. Dr. Andy concludes by helping people to understand pox skin reactions under the lens of the terrain perspective.


Monkeypox: Deadly Disease or Dastardly Distraction? - The Tenpenny Report

Monkeypox is dominating the news cycle. Is it a Deep State distraction as their empire collapses, or should the citizens of the world be worried? What do we know right now? Let's look at the timeline.


Moderna CEO on jabs: 'Nobody wants them'

"It's sad to say, I'm in the process of throwing 30 million doses in the garbage because nobody wants them. We have a big demand problem,"


Individual Carbon Footprint Tracker

The World Economic Forum is working on an "individual carbon footprint tracker" to monitor people's movements, what they eat, and essentially every other aspect of their life.


Bill Gates Lays Out Technocrat Plan For Global Takeover

Megalomaniac Bill Gates is parroting and reinforcing the latest NTI simulation that is driving the Monkeypox mania: Shut down early, shut down often, shut down just in case; shut down with "no regrets". This is in direct contradiction to studies proving that lockdowns, masks, social distancing or closing schools does nothing to curtail a virus.


WHO Withdraws 12 of Biden's "Sovereignty" Amendments to IHR; May Revisit Them Later - The New American

The global backlash against the proposed amendments to the WHO's International Health Treaty (IHR) — which would have ceded national sovereignty over to globalists — along with legal actions in the United Kingdom have resulted in almost all of those amendments being dropped for the time being. There is nothing, however, to prevent the global overlords from revisiting the agenda.


Hiding in Plain Sight: Technocratic Tyranny Behind a Medical Mask

A new journal called Propaganda in Focus has just been launched and carried this must-read article on Technocratic Tyranny. This paper examines the creation, construction and role of propaganda during the pandemic: "technocracy will lure us, from the safety of the blind spots in our stress and trauma and fear, ever closer to the precipice."


Davos Elites Wants You To Lick Your Plate Clean To Earn 200 Carbon Credits - GreatGameIndia

Alibaba Group President J. Michael Evans, when attending the World Economic Forum with the rest of the Davos elite, said that licking your plate clean will earn you 200 carbon credits in a new social compliance platform being tested in Chinese cities.


Major Supermarkets to ban paying with Cash or Card and only accept payments via Digital ID & Facial Recognition Technology – The Expose

All major supermarkets will very soon no longer accept cash or card payments, and instead, force customers to use their face or fingerprints to pay for essential items, in what is another huge leap toward a dystopian cashless society.


The US Spring Primaries are a Sign that White Identity Politics is Here to Stay | Counter-Currents

White identity politics is inevitable, necessary, moral and now a powerful, statistically viable campaign platform.

The spring primaries are full of optimistic pro-white messaging, and it’s producing results;

  • On May 3, J. D. Vance won the Ohio Senate primary. The last campaign ad before his win opens with “Are you a racist?”, effectively neutering the Left’s smear against the legitimate interests of primarily white “flyover states.”
  • On May 17, Janice McGeachin, Idaho’s Lieutenant Governor who attempted to send the state’s National Guard troops to secure the US southern border, earned 32.2% statewide in the state primary, clearly carrying the Idaho panhandle.
  • Yesterday, Marjorie Taylor Greene, who spoke at Nick Fuentes’ America First PAC III, defeated her astronomically well-funded opponent by 69.5% despite hysterical calls from the Left to remove her from the ballot entirely.

But the most explicit, intellectually, and honestly powerful of all these candidates is Neil Kumar of Arkansas’ Third District, who won an astounding 24.2% of the vote in Benton County and 21.3% overall against an establishment incumbent with over $1.7 million on hand.


Texas Shooting: 40 Cops Stood Around Outside the School for 40 Minutes, by Andrew Anglin - The Unz Review

Jacinto Cazares, a parent who is upset that the shooting rampage lasted 90 minutes – it took the cops 50 minutes to arrive after the first 911 call, then they stood around outside the school for 40 more minutes


Ron Paul: The Tremendous Importance of the 2nd Amendment - Truth Comes to Light

The 1st and 2nd Amendments have always been under attack, and they always will be.

That should give you a good indication as to how important they both are.


The 16 Biggest Lies the U.S. Government Tells America About the Ukraine War - CovertAction Magazine

1. "Ukraine is a democracy"
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky banned all opposition parties and banned the use of Russian as a second state language. Why did he violate his 2019 campaign promise to stop the genocidal killing of thousands in Donbas, even though they voted for him? Did he lie because neo-Nazis threatened to kill him if he did not do what they wanted? [1] Or is he afraid of the CIA, which has assassinated other leaders, making him their puppet? Are we to trust the judgment of a man who demands a no-fly zone which could cause a global nuclear holocaust? Zelensky oversees torture and assassination of political dissenters.[2]


Survivors of Israel's Strike on USS Liberty Commemorate 55th Year « Aletho News

While patrolling in international waters in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, the USS Liberty (AGTR-5) was savagely attacked without warning or justification by air and naval forces of the State of Israel.

Of a crew of 294 officers and men, including three civilians, 34 crew members were killed in action and 173 were wounded. Survivors of the attack insist that the attack was unjustified and that the Israelis knew the ship was American, but the attack has been covered up and the survivors have been abandoned by the U.S. Military which has sought to brush the tragedy out of history.

Survivor Joe Meadors said the Israeli attack was unprovoked and that the Liberty was clearly identified as an American vessel flying the American flag.

He said the U.S. response was to abandon the American soldiers during the attack and to disparage survivors and their claims rather than stand with them.

“In 1967, LBJ ordered the USS Liberty to be abandoned by Sixth Fleet aircraft while we were still under attack and calling for help. That order cost the lives of 25 of our shipmates,” Meadors said.

“The order to abandon us is being obeyed until this day with a devastating effect on USS Liberty survivors.”

Survivors have demanded a full and open investigation that has been rejected by every commander, president and the Congress.


Israel is the ugliest ever face of brutal colonialism – Middle East Monitor

Israel has been at its most ugly for 27,060 days and counting, from the butchering of pregnant women in Deir Yassin by Zionist terror gangs in 1948 to the cold-blooded murder of Shireen Abu Akleh last week and the attack on the pall-bearers carrying her coffin. Israeli savagery knows no bounds. Not one day passes without Israel murdering, injuring, imprisoning, dispossessing, and depopulating the land in occupied Palestine; indeed, to this list, you can add every other crime in the book.


Libs of TikTok (@libsoftiktok): Teacher records conversation... (video)

Teacher records conversation she had with 4-year-old students about gender and pronouns telling them "I'm not a boy or a girl"


Libs of TikTok (@libsoftiktok): Schools are providing...

Schools are providing "gender affirming" clothing and chest binders for trans and non-binary students. These are known as "transition closets" and have been springing up at various schools.


Salt & Tar: Ep.193


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