News Bytes - COVID quackery, what to expect from a Biden presidency, thought crimes - 25-Nov-2020

At Least 12 States Shut Down Or Restrict Thanksgiving

The CDC recommended that people bring their own food and utensils to Thanksgiving visits and should eat outside while physically distancing. Oregon Governor Kate Brown threatened residents in her state with 30 days in jail and a $1,200 fine if they have more than six guests at their celebration. A snitch line has been set up in so people can turn in their neighbors. Gyms, zoos, and museums will be closed, and indoor and outdoor in-person dining at restaurants will be shut down for at least two weeks in Oregon. Pennsylvania is banning alcohol sales on the day before Thanksgiving and asking residents to stay home. California issued guidelines (not laws) for the Thanksgiving holiday limiting gatherings to no more than two households. The governors of Colorado and Washington state are limiting hospital access and surgeries to people who have health issues other than Covid-19. New York Governor Cuomo says, if people are thankful for the sacrifices that seniors have made, as well as doctors, nurses and "essential" workers, they should show respect by isolating on Thanksgiving. He said, "Be alone physically. Be connected spiritually."

UK Supreme Court Judge Slams 'Totalitarian' COVID 'Control Freaks' In Government – Summit News

"Coercing the entire population is morally and constitutionally indefensible in a country which is not yet a totalitarian state, like China"

Car crashes into gate of Merkel's office | One America News Network

BERLIN (Reuters) – A car with slogans scrawled on its sides crashed into the gate of the office of German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin on Wednesday and police arrested the driver, a Reuters witness said. Reuters pictures from the scene showed police inspecting the estate car at the gate with the words "Stop Globalisation Politics" written in white on its right side and "You damn killers of children and old people" on the other.

New York Gym Owner Rips Up His $15K Government Fine on Live TV - 21st Century Wire

It's now obvious that the most draconian state in America for lockdown is New York, as Governor Andrew Cuomo and NYC Mayor Bill de Blassio work in concert to try and shutter their state's economy and keep citizens under house arrest, supposedly to keep people "safe from the virus." This is spelling disaster for millions of New Yorkers now facing social and financial ruin. The problem is the numbers do not add up – neither the epidemiological numbers, nor the economic ones.

Global Vaccine Passport Will Be Required for Travel - LewRockwell

Around the world, there's considerable resistance against mandatory COVID-19 vaccination, but even if the vaccine ends up being "voluntary," refusing to take it will have severe implications for people who enjoy their freedom.

7 Things That Used To Be 'Crazy Conspiracy Theories' Until 2020 Happened - LewRockwell

Remember back in the old days of, say, 2019, when anyone who talked about microchip implants, Americans being forced to show travel papers, and re-education camps was thought to be a crazy conspiracy theorist?

Californians Defy Gov. Newsom Curfew Order, Flood Streets in 16 Cities

Thousands of people in 16 California cities took to the streets on Saturday to protest Gov. Gavin Newsom's curfew order requiring people to stay at home after 10 p.m. Carrying Trump/Pence flags and "Open up California" banners, the crowds began to gather at 10:01 p.m., including in Huntington Beach and San Clemente.

Dr. Simone Gold (@drsimonegold): "American officers know..." | nitter

American officers know that the Constitution outranks Mr. Cuomo, who with the stroke of his pen signed the death certificate of thousands of grandmas and grandpas who were defenseless against his nursing home "orders."

Go away Mr. Cuomo.

Eat that drumstick quickly and mask back up, orders California Public Health Department –

The California Department of Public Health has made it mandatory at family gatherings, such as American Thanksgiving Day, to "wear a face covering to keep COVID-19 from spreading."


Either way, so much for a big Thanksgiving dinner. The clock is ticking as soon as grace is mumbled through germ-collecting masks: "People at gatherings may remove their face coverings briefly to eat or drink," says the dictate. Only briefly? Maybe Californians should just puree the whole meal and suck it through a straw.

Ticketmaster Walks Back Plans to Require COVID-19 Testing or Vaccination - The Vaccine Reaction

... the swift reaction from outraged consumers put pressure on Ticketmaster to walk back the earlier comments made by president Mark Yonich to Billboard that ticket purchasers to events would have their medical history accessed and screened by the U.S.-based ticket agency.

Poll: 17% of Biden Voters Would Have Abandoned Him if They Knew About Stories the Media Censored

As many as 17 percent of those who voted for Democrat Joe Biden might have chosen differently at the polls, had they been given fair media coverage of the candidates in the weeks leading up to the election, according to a report.

What To Expect With 'President' Joe Biden

If a Biden White House has full control, here's a glimpse into the policy they'll be shoving down our throats.

Joe Biden: Return of the CFR – Swiss Policy Research

In 2008, Barack Obama received the names of his entire future cabinet already one month prior to his election by CFR Senior Fellow (and Citigroup banker) Michael Froman, as a Wikileaks email later revealed. Consequently, the key posts in Obama's cabinet were filled almost exclusively by CFR members, as was the case in most cabinets since World War II. To be sure, Obama's 2008 Republican opponent, the late John McCain, was a CFR member, too. Michael Froman later negotiated the TPP and TTIP international trade agreements, before returning to the CFR as a Distinguished Fellow.

In 2017, CFR nightmare President Donald Trump immediately canceled these trade agreements – because he viewed them as detrimental to US domestic industry – which allowed China to conclude its own, recently announced RCEP free-trade area, encompassing 14 countries and a third of global trade. Trump also canceled other CFR achievements, like the multinational Iran nuclear deal and the UN climate and migration agreements, and he tried, but largely failed, to withdraw US troops from East Asia, Central Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Africa, thus seriously endangering the global US empire built over decades by the CFR and its 5000 elite members.

Demanding Silicon Valley Suppress "Hyper-Partisan Sites" in Favor of "Mainstream News" (The NYT) is a Fraud - Glenn Greenwald

The most prolific activism demanding more Silicon Valley censorship is found in the nation's largest news outlets: the media reporters of CNN, the "disinformation" unit of NBC News, and especially the tech reporters of The New York Times. That is where the most aggressive and sustained pro-internet-censorship campaigns are waged.

UK Thought Police: When Questioning Official Narratives Becomes 'Terrorism' - 21st Century Wire

"Britain's top counter-terrorism officer today called for a NATIONWIDE DEBATE on the introduction of new laws to punish people who spread ANTI-VACCINATION CONSPIRACY THEORIES."

"Met Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu said that there should be a DISCUSSION about whether it is "the correct thing for society to allow" people to spread "MISINFORMATION THAT COULD COST PEOPLE'S LIVES" as he responded to concern that false claims online could undermine the take up of Covid-19 vaccines."

"There is a DEBATE FOR SOCIETY to have about FREE SPEECH and responsibility and people who are spreading misinformation that could cost people's lives"

Do you see what they're trying to achieve?

This propagandised message from the Met is attempting to reconstruct the ideological landscape, reframe the parameters of what a debate is, reclassify free speech, weaponise information, and obfuscate the important legal principle: 'Innocent until proven guilty.'

LIVE 🔴 Jake Morphonios: Latest Israeli Spy News

Jake Morphonios reports on the history of the Jonathan Pollard spy case and the US intelligence community's hunt for a deeply embedded Israeli spy network in the highest ranks of the US government.

New Witness Testimony - Craft pulled from the Ocean - YouTube

For the first time ever you will hear the incredible account of a new Top Secret clearance military witness about the retrieval of an ET craft. This person was there in person to witness an amazing "retrieval" event. This witness comes forward for the first time ever to discuss what they saw. The witness will speak with Dr. Greer and reveal both identity and what was found.

My days of November - Story 48 - YouTube

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