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News Bytes - 19-Apr-2022

43,000 Deaths 4 MILLION Injuries Following COVID-19 Vaccines in European Database of Adverse Reactions

The European (EEA and non-EEA countries) database of suspected drug reaction reports is EudraVigilance, verified by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), and they are now reporting 43,005 fatalities, and 3,984,978 injuries following injections of five experimental COVID-19 shots (the first adverse reactions to the Novavax COVID-19 vaccine were recorded in the past 2 weeks):


From the total of injuries recorded, almost half of them (1,879,995 ) are serious injuries.


Vaxxed Pilot Goes Into Cardiac Arrest in Cockpit: Freedom Flyers EXPOSE MASSIVE Airline Cover-up


Ramola D Placed In Psych Ward on 72 Hour Hold - All It Took Was A Baseless Complaint From A Neighbor


Globalists Spill the Beans at the World Government Summit - #NewWorldNextWeek

This week on the New World Next Week: the world government globalists say the quiet part out loud when talking about the CBDC monetary shift; whatever happened in Bucha can only be seen in light of the admitted info war; and Biden reaffirms the ongoing cybersecurity emergency.


Here's What's Next on the Globalist Calendar

As post-graduate students of The University of Corbett, you will already know about the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment held in Stockholm, Sweden in 1972 . . . but in case you need a refresher, you might want to consult How & Why Big Oil Conquered the World, where you can learn all about that Stockholm summit.

In addition to being Maurice Strong's entrée into the exciting (and lucrative) world of Big Oil environmentalism, the conference also laid the groundwork for the UN-fronted corporate takeover of the world's resources under the pretense of "saving Mother Earth." It served a triple function for the globalists: it launched the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), it provided a template for the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio, and it hosted the first talking shop for what would become Agenda 21 and, eventually, Agenda 2030.

Well, guess what? It's baaaaack.


Psst....Pfizer-Injected Blood Under The Microscope

Dr Robin Wakeling is back to present round 2 of Pfizer Under The Microscope.

He's been working with other teams around New Zealand who are attempting to elucidate just what is contained in these jabs.

Exclusively, in this video, he examines the blood of the injected and finds something he has never seen before. The teams have also been examining flu vaccines and have discovered some startling results in these vials...


Dr. Stefan Lanka Discusses The False Germ Theory and The Frauds Who Created It - Yummy.Doctor Holistic Health Education

So the pharmaceutical industry was contrived from the colourant industry based on the false infection hypothesis. The Americans copied the Germans assuming they had a greater knowledge, due to their expertise on the Haber Bosch process, which is taking nitrogen from the air. So why did the German government hire Robert Koch, when he had already fled Berlin after killing thousands with his “magic drug”, tuberculin, against tuberculosis? Otto Von Bismarck called him back because he needed a pretext against the British who had seized the Suez Canal illegally. Britain now had political and military advantages as they no longer had to sail around Africa, they could go through India and travel the calm Mediterranean bringing foods and spices back with them. So Germany wanted to make the allegation they were bringing smallpox, anthrax and the black plague from India. Thus quarantine was deemed and ports were closed to them and they were even shot at. Robert Koch was offered 100,000 marks to create the argument that people were carrying in these diseases.

So how did the idea of a virus come about? Koch’s French counterpart was scientific fraudster Louis Pasteur. In 1870 the French were at war with Germany. The dead were later declared as the result of a smallpox epidemic. The Germans claimed it came from France and the French claimed it came from Germany. Pasteur, who knew from Bechamp what bacteria could and could not do, denied the knowledge, in order to go along with the Vatican church, claiming to have found the primordial creation, even though later he reversed his stance.

He said this to become employed by the state. The disease spread and pandemic ideas were used politically to suppress upheavals, to control starvation situations, etc. and Pasteur was at the root of blaming the germ on disease causation.

The early Vatican wanted to create the fear of diseases for their own agendas, claiming the disease is coming from the disease demon and is a punishment from God, similar to what the Greeks used. All for the agenda of control.

So Pasteur was commissioned to find a way to prevent the English from traveling through the Mediterranean sea and he came up with the idea of a new pathogen that created illness and he called it poison, in Latin, virus. That was the idea, and he said it was 1000 times smaller than bacteria, saying they use such dense filters that bacteria cannot get through. So he pressed the liquid, the poison from a dead animal, through this filter, he injected it into the brain of a dog that is vertically tied to a pole, the liquid comes out of his ears, the dog convulses, barks, foams at the mouth and then dies. He called this rabies. This is what Pasteur did. He also claimed to have the antidote to the virus, to push the vaccine concept.

This agenda was primarily propagated in France. The Germans had their antibiotics and chemotherapy. Pasteur committed fraud in all his undertakings. He was at least human enough to document all his deceit in diaries to parallel his lab books. He decreed that his family never release these books. Of course, his family became very wealthy from this. However, when his grandson died, these diaries were released to Professor Gerald Geison in 1993 and Princeton University.

Geison translated the information and revealed the massive fraud Louis Pasteur had perpetrated on humanity.


Smoking Out the Real Snakes - The Tenpenny Report

Whether or not his presentation is air-tight, Dr. Ardis' efforts have helped to wake up the fearful masses. He has further educated those who "still believe" the fear-based messages spewed worldwide every day by the Propaganda Machine. With the release of his information, millions more have come face-to-face with the depth of evil these satanic Luciferians are willing to go to eliminate humans and destroy humanity.


While this text apparently originated in a 1991 book, “Conspirator’s Hierarchy: The Story of The Committee of 300′ by Dr. John Coleman, it certainly reflects what has long been attributed to Henry Kissinger. In the book, The Final Days, Kissinger was quoted as saying, “The elderly are useless eaters.” The Georgia Guidestones are real and their population – or should I say, depopulation – agenda has been known and followed for years. Even though Klaus Schwab may not have actually written this paragraph in his book, if you’ve been following anything put out by the World Economic Forum (WEF) over the last few years, he certainly could have used similar language and innuendos in his book on the Great Reset.


Dr. Lee Merritt Speaks Out on Snake Venom in the Water - The New American

12bytes: Dr. Merritt makes the same mistake that many others have regarding the Watch The Water documentary. Dr. Ardis did not state as fact that snake venom was being added to the fresh water supply! He stated that this was one possible route along with the mRNA in the "vaccines". Another problem i have with Dr. Merritt is her associating this PCR created "pandemic" fakery, or some aspect of it as i recall, with aliens! That said, i still think she is well worth paying attention to.

Despite Dr. Bryan Ardis' track record of important revelations in the ongoing COVID scandal, bio-weapons researcher and prominent medical doctor Dr. Lee Merritt is concerned about recent claims involving alleged snake venom in the water supply and other things. In this interview with The New American magazine's Alex Newman in this episode of Conversations That Matter, Dr. Merritt explains why she is not convinced that this is a snake venom crisis and why she believes bottled water is more dangerous than tap water despite the fluoride. Biowarfare involves practical means to spread the bio-weapon, and Dr. Merritt does not believe the snake venom theory is plausible.


Shanghai Covid Lockdown – who is behind it? | The Wall Will Fall

The problem is that although this lockdown is blamed on Communism, there is no precedent for the shutdown of a major city too be found in the Chinese communist tradition; no part of the imposition of technofascism can be traced back to the calls of Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai for class struggle and for resistance to imperialism.

The model for the Shanghai lockdown, it turns out, is the lockdown of Boston after the Boston Marathon bombing of April 15, 2013, exactly nine years ago. On that occasion, the United States Federal government, specifically the FBI, used a murky charge of a terrorist attack (about which serious doubts remain) as an excuse to lock down vast sections of the city of Boston and to confine citizens to their homes while armed police patrolled the streets.


Ukraine War Lies = Trillion$ for the Pentagon, by Kevin Barrett - The Unz Review

In the top story of the week, last Wednesday the Pentagon brought together representatives of America's top eight weapons manufacturers to plan massive increases in US military spending—and in military-industrial complex profits—in the likely case that the US-provoked Ukraine war goes on for years.


Colonel MacGregor Says That When It is Obvious That the Media was Lying About the Ukraine, US Might Freak Out, by Andrew Anglin - The Unz Review

In Colonel Douglas MacGregor’s latest interview, he debunked the moronic claims that Russia is “committing a genocide” or “doing war crimes,” and also the stupid claim that Russia is planning to nuke the Ukraine.

He then explained, as we’ve explained in detail, that we are at the final phase of this conflict, with between 40 and 60 thousand troops left in the Ukrainian military, who are getting cut off by the Russians. They will either get slaughtered or surrender.


After Sighting Of Swastikas Cut Into Soccer Field, Australia's Jews On High Holocaust Alert - Christians for Truth

An elite cabal of rich and powerful Jews rule over and manipulate their fellow Jews using a psy-op known as “The Holocaust” — a Kabbalistic invention — a form of predictive programming — that had been widely circulated in the Jewish press on a regular basis for almost 60 years prior to World War II.

Not only were Jews constantly warned that 6 Million™ of them would be “murdered” by the “Nazis” — they were also psychologically prepared to accept why there would be no “mass graves” to account for the industrial scale mass killings.

The complete lack of physical evidence would become the ultimate “proof” that the Holocaust happened — the ultimate perversion of reality.

Jewish identity has become synonymous with The Holocaust™ — so much so that if any Jew dares express any reservations about the rationality of such an event, they will be ostracized, cut off from this cult of believers — and all its material rewards.


'Open Borders' Biden Is Remaking America, by Pat Buchanan - The Unz Review

In Biden’s first year as president, some 1.7 million Illegal migrants were intercepted crossing into the United States.

The monthly figure from Fiscal Year 2021 was exceeded by the March 2022 figure of 220,000 migrants crossing over into the USA. If sustained, this rate would translate into an invasion of 2.6 million people, predominantly young and predominantly male, in this fiscal year alone.


Alex Jones To File For Bankruptcy Following Multiple Lawsuits - GreatGameIndia

After being slapped with many lawsuits relating to statements Jones made during the 2012 Sandy Hook school massacre, restructuring advisers are counseling him on how to proceed.

According to Fortune, which cited an anonymous individual with understanding of the situation, Jones' firms, including Infowars and Free Speech Systems, could file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which then would enable them to remain functioning while delaying civil litigation against them.

"Jones and his companies last year were found liable (see below) in a defamation lawsuit brought by relatives of children killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook school massacre after Jones called the shootings a hoax. A trial in Connecticut to determine the size of the damages has yet to take place. He was also found liable in similar proceedings in Texas."

12bytes: Alex Jones is an asshole, plain and simple. During the Y2K non-event, this Zionist shill jackass created and capitalized upon an alleged world wide disaster that would never happen. He had his gullible audience believing that Russia had launched a nuclear attack upon the U.S.. The Y2K fiasco would not be the last of his click-bait, sensationalist fear mongering. He would later have his audience believe that the planes that hit the towers on 9/11 were imaginary, that no plane hit the Pentagon, and that the Sandy Hook school shooting was faked by crisis actors. While Jones kindergarten school of conspiracy theory can be credited with waking up a lot of people, he is also largely responsible for a great deal of damage done to creditable researchers who were mercilessly attacked by the mainstream because of the ludicrous theories that Jones attached to such events and capitalized upon.

While i support free speech and disagree with YouTube's decision to ban Jones on their platform, i can't say i'm sorry to see this bullshit artist suffer the wrath that he himself created.


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