News Bytes - Polly's right - this is too important, poor slaves, liberal fascism - 1-Dec-2020

This is Too Important

Airline Industry Develops "Travel Pass" to Test, Require COVID-19 Vaccinations to Fly - The Vaccine Reaction

On Nov. 23, 2020, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced that it is in the final development phase of creating a "digital passport" known as The IATA Travel Pass mobile application that will display SARS-CoV-2 test results and proof of COVID-19 vaccination, as well as listing national entry rules and details of the nearest testing laboratories in different countries.

Government Proposes Making It Harder to Get Vaccine Injury Compensation - The Vaccine Reaction

In July 2020, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) published a notice of proposed rule making in the Federal Register1 that would remove shoulder injuries and vasovagal syncope from the Vaccine Injury Table used by the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP). The proposed rule making would also eliminate Item XVII, whereby new vaccines recommended by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for routine administration to children or pregnant women are automatically covered under the federally-operated compensation program before being added to the Vaccine Injury Table (VIT) through federal rulemaking.

Democratic Socialists of America Calls For Taking Money From Poor Whites And Giving It To Blacks, by Eric Striker - The Unz Review

News Bytes - Polly's right - this is too important, poor slaves, liberal fascism - 1-Dec-2020

The Seattle chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) will be voting today on a new resolution that demands pushing state and federal bodies to take money from white workers and give it to blacks as "reparations."

President Trump's legal team, Ariz. GOP hold hearing on election integrity | One America News Network

President Trump's legal team held a public hearing with Arizona GOP state legislators on election integrity. During Wednesday's meeting in Phoenix, officials laid out evidence related to electoral compromise and irregularities.

Officials confirmed the state used software by Dominion Voting Systems, which attorney Rudy Giuliani called a troubled foreign company with the "most porous" system of all the automatic voting machine companies.

WATCH: Covid-19 Deaths – A Look at US Data – OffGuardian

In her talk, Dr Briand claims that the "Covid19 pandemic" has resulted in marked declines in other causes of death, most particularly heart disease, the usual leading cause of death in the United States.

Dr Briand reasons that deaths from other causes are being miscategorized as "Covid19", and this is inflating the numbers and leading to misleading reporting of the "pandemic" situation.

Whether or not she is correct, there's no denying this interpretation is possible – given the bizarrely loose definitions of "Covid death" being used around the world. It would also explain the inexplicable lack of influenza activity occurring this year.

Mich. poll watcher details massive voting irregularities, lack of observation, use of fraudulent ballots | One America News Network

Another Detroit poll watcher recently came forward to detail voting irregularities and fraud committed by Democrat election officials.

According to Detroit Leaks, poll watcher Adam De Angeli personally saw a plan to destroy all provisional ballots to hurt Republican candidates in Michigan, including President Trump.

De Angeli confirmed thousands of ballots were double counted, while ineligible voters could vote and suspicious ballots were all counted in the final tally.

Ga. secy. of state announces probe into third-party groups trying to register out-of-state voters | One America News Network

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is investigating third-party groups attempting to register out-of-state voters for the crucial Senate runoff elections. During a press conference Monday, he cited instances of groups trying to register dead voters from other states and sending applications to New York City.

Biden Names Communications Team with Deep Ties to Far-Left Networks

Americans who regularly watch CNN and MSNBC will see some familiar faces in the White House communications staff announced Sunday by Democrat Joe Biden's transition team.

America's Future Is Liberal Fascism Sporting a Smiley Shirt and Armed With a Syringe — Strategic Culture

The globalists responsible for engineering a medical tyranny across much of the Western world have something valuable to teach right-wing nationalists and would-be fascists, and that is you don't sell your damaged product out of the barrel of a machine gun, but rather dripping from the end of a syringe that promises to end all pain and misery.

Doctors Come Forward, Warn CDC To Tell America the Truth About COVID Vaccines

"The first dose is no big deal. And then the second dose will definitely put you down for the day for sure. … You will need to take a day off after the second dose."

Georgia Official Announces Investigations Into Potential Election Law Violations

Georgia's top elections official on Monday announced investigations into potential violations of election law even as he continued to defend the integrity of the state's election against what he said are baseless attacks.

New York Times Analysis Makes Surprise Admission About 2020 Election

The formerly reputable paper actually concluded in a report published over the weekend that down-ballot losses for Democrats were "crushing."

Not to give the Times too much credit, as the article, which was written by reporter Trip Gabriel, ignores widespread voting irregularities which we're told led to a victory by Democratic Joe Biden.

But Gabriel did concede that Democrats got their clocks cleaned by Republicans not named Donald Trump.

Who Hacked Trump? Look No Further Than Belt and Road - YouTube

Body Language - Facebook Censorship & Data-Tracking Tools "Centra"

CrossTalk: Build Back Worse? Biden War Hawks and The Great Reset - 21st Century Wire

The foreign policy team of a potential Biden Administration is being touted by the liberal media. We tell you why all of us should be horrified. From a foreign policy perspective, does looking backward really bode well for the future? Also, there is a lot of talk of a Great Reset and 'Build Back Better'. All this and more.

Governor Gets Sued by His Own Attorney General Over New COVID Restrictions

Kentucky's Republican attorney general is suing his state's Democratic governor in federal court over an order which forces private and religious schools to remain closed.

Cancel Culture Comes for Eric Clapton After He Records New Anti-Lockdown Song

Rock-and-roll legend Eric Clapton is one of the most revered guitar players of all time, but not even such a cultural icon is safe from the left's culture of cancelation.

Clapton last week dared to question government-imposed lockdowns through announcing new music with fellow rock legend Van Morrison, so the leftists pored through his past, and they found something.

Clapton made racist comments 44 years ago at a concert, according to The Daily Beast.

EHRC "Youth Climate Case" could see courts forcing policy on nation-states – OffGuardian

The European Court of Human Rights is prepping to hear a civil case brought against the governments of 33 European nations by six teenage "climate activists".

The six youth activists are allegedly crowd-funding the campaign, but also have the backing of the Global Legal Action Network NGO. Though the six teenagers are all Portuguese, the case is being brought against thirty-three different nations simultaneously – all 27 EU members, the UK, Russia, Norway, Turkey, Ukraine and Switzerland.

To defend themselves the 33 countries will be asked to explain how their "lack of action" on climate change doesn't equate to a violation of the human rights of their citizens.

The Eugenicist Mindset Propelling Operation Warp Speed w/ Whitney Webb

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours.

Interview 1602 – James Corbett on Medical Martial Law, Solutions and Agorism : The Corbett Report

James appears on Good Food UnEarthed to discuss his work on medical martial law, the erection of the biosecurity state and the agorist solutions to the tyranny-by-health-authority that is coming into view.

Why Israel Is Being Blamed For The Assassination In Iran

Welcome to Foreign Policy with Robert Inlakesh. In this show Robert dives into some of the most important foreign policy discussions of today while highlighting the most important information - primarily that which is missed, excluded or misrepresented by the MSM.

The U.S. Constitution vs The Communist Party USA Constitution Through The Eyes of a Teenager |

This is the most critical time in U.S. history. Right here. Right now. Election and voter fraud have reached a level of criminality that we will never come back from if this battle is not won. The constitution is being stomped on by authoritarian governors and people are losing their freedoms, rights, businesses, and sanity over an alleged virus with a 98.1% survival rate overall. There is ultimately no risk left, because we've already unwillingly sacrificed so much, so now more than ever people must stand firm, speak up, blow the whistle, take action, and fight like your life depends on it – because it does.

NYC Pub Takes Stand Against Cuomo, Makes Epic Move Against COVID Lockdowns

Two New York City businessmen have taken a page from the leftist playbook for defying government, and have declared their pub an "autonomous zone" in order to keep its doors open.

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