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New project: Broken Link Checker

I got fed-up on waiting for well over a YEAR (more like 2 me thinks) for the developer of the WordPress plugin, Broken Link Checker, to fix his/her buggy-ass code, and so i wrote my own buggy-ass code :)

This is a bash shell script that will extract all URL's from a text file, such as a ClassicPress or WordPress XML export file, and check each one, then write the broken links to a text file. I gave my script the same name as the WordPress plugin just to poke them in the eye a bit (fully expecting i may have to change it in the future after an obligatory refusal period).

Now my problem is that i have hundreds of broken links to fix, not including those in the font page posts!!!

The code is on Codeberg: Broken Link Checker

And now back to our regularly scheduled program...

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