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Murder On The Tracks - The Story of Kevin Ives and Don Henry

Murder On The Tracks - The Story of Kevin Ives and Don Henry

There's many more videos about this case on the Carnage On ice YouTube channel.


Petition · Release the Docs for Kevin Ives & Don Henry! · Change.org

Why are they treating the documents on Kevin and Don's murders in the same fashion they do the J.F.K. records???

And here's another good question... WHY? are there thousands of F.B.I. documents (as well as C.I.A. / D.E.A., and so on) on the murders of two teenage boys to begin with???

... if it was just simply the case of some local random murders of two teenage boys, then why all the alphabet agency involvement?

And WHY is their documentation still hidden away and covered up to this day?

Technically, these are YOUR documents... they belong to you, the American public.

We're going to try yet again to get these documents released, and we need your support! Please help us out and sign the petition!


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