Mozilla finally clamps down on add-on shenanigans

In a long overdue move, Mozilla has finally cracked down on add-on developers and the new policies are retroactive. Here's what they stated in an email they apparently sent to all add-on developers...

We will be updating our add-on policies effective December 1st, 2021. To summarize the changes that will go into effect:

  • We will no longer be accepting the collection of browsing activity data, unless it is part of the add-on’s primary function.
  • Add-ons with the sole purpose of promoting, installing, loading or launching another website, application or add-on are no longer permitted to be listed on
  • The use of encryption - standard HTTPS - is now always required when communicating with remote services.

We have also updated the language regarding the data disclosure, collection and management. If your add-on does not have a privacy policy listed on, or your add-on does not show a consent prompt at first run of the add-on, we encourage you to read our updated policies and take action as necessary.

When the policies go into effect, they apply both to existing and future submissions on

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