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Mike Adams, an Alex 'Bullshit' Jones wannabe

I use the Mozilla Firefox web browser for a couple of reasons, one of them being that i value my privacy. As such, i tend to keep up with all the newest extensions on the Mozilla add-ons website and unfortunately there has been a slew of so-called "fact checking" add-ons of late which are created by corporate gatekeepers attempting to sway public opinion and promote mainstream narratives.

One of the disgusting companies involved in this gross manipulation of public opinion is Media Bias Fact Check, LLC. I became aware of the company after discovering a couple of Firefox add-ons which have been developed by them (or for them), but which fail to mention the company name. One of their add-ons led me to their website where i poked around to see exactly what sources they were flagging as biased and for what reasons.

Although many of these privately funded "fact checker" and "bias checker" resources don't provide a list of the websites which they determine to be biased, or simply "fake news", Media Bias Fact Check not only provides a list, but also kindly links to the websites they have reviewed, assuming they actually review anything rather than having their list furnished to them by some self-serving neanderthal jackass like George Soros.

And so i started sifting through their 'Conspiracy-Pseudoscience' list of websites and reading the reviews. I might suggest you do the same because although there are indeed many garbage sources among their lists, Alex 'Bullshit' Jones' sites among them, there are also several verifiably reputable ones, such as 21ST Centuary Wire, Children’s Health Defense, run by Robert Kennedy Jr., Global Research out of Canada, Swiss Policy Research and several others. If you're wondering about Media Bias' bias, which is thick indeed, i can save you the trouble; it is heavily pro-left, pro-establishment and anti-science. One of the themes i quickly noticed was their bashing of anyone critical of genetically modified organisms (GMO) and healthy, raw, organic food. These psychopathic idiots actually flagged the America’s Frontline Doctors organization as "quackery level pseudoscience".

While clicking through the list of Media Bias Fact Checks 'Conspiracy-Pseudoscience' website reviews, i was startled to find that many of them were owned, founded and/or created by Mike Adams, nearly 40 in all. For those unaware, Mike Adams, aka 'The Health Ranger', is probably best known for his Natural News website which contains a great deal of information regarding alternative and natural healthcare. I wouldn't consider Natural News to be a poor source of information, however Adams seems to purposely omit certain very powerful, albeit controversial therapies, such as chlorine dioxide.

The problem with Adams is that he's an ignorant clickbait whore, no different than Alex Jones. I think that as long as he stays within the boundary of alternative healthcare he does OK, but when he strays into political, history, or other areas, he often makes an ass of himself. A case in point is his 'investigation' into the 2017 Paddock-Vegas shooting where he shat out of his ass several clickbait titled videos in which he claimed, and failed miserably, to prove the existence of a second shooter, and in so doing may have added to the trauma suffered by some of the victims and their families. To understand why Adams failed to prove there were multiple shooters targeting the concert venue, and why there indeed wasn't, please read my article, Las Vegas Shooting 1-Oct-2017 - An acoustic analysis and personal observations.

Like Alex Jones, Adams also likes to invoke Hitler and the Jewish holocaust when he thinks it will bolster his narrative, though he knows next to nothing about such subjects other than what was pumped into his dollar sucking brain by the government indoctrination complex (aka government "education").

Until recently my exposure to Mike Adams was primarily through his Natural News website which i knew about and visited for years. Later i learned he created, or was otherwise involved with the Good Gopher search engine which, unsurprisingly, seems to return a disproportionate number of results which point to his own websites. It was only after i learned of Media Bias Fact Check, LLC, that i discovered his nearly 40 other websites and these are only the ones that are listed by Media Bias Fact Check. Without my noticing, Adams has in effect set up his own media empire slash propaganda machine in that people that get trapped in this filter bubble may never find their way out. Following are those listed by Media Bias Fact Check:

  1. AlternativeNews.com
  2. Big Government News
  3. BioDefense
  4. Bugout.news
  5. Cancer.news
  6. ChlorellaFactor.com
  7. Climate.News
  8. Collapse.News
  9. Consumer Wellness Center
  10. CounterThink.com
  11. Ecology News
  12. Evil.News
  13. Explain Life
  14. Food.News
  15. Freedom.News
  16. Glitch.News
  17. GoodGopher
  18. Healing Food Reference
  19. Health Ranger Report
  20. Health.News
  21. Ingredients.News
  22. Liberty.News
  23. Libtards.News
  24. Medicine News
  25. NationalSecurity.News
  26. Natural News
  27. Natural News Radio
  28. NaturalCures.com
  29. NaturalMedicine.News
  30. NaturalNewsBlogs
  31. News Target
  32. Pandemic News
  33. Science.News
  34. Talknetwork.com
  35. The Health Ranger
  36. Trump.News
  37. Vaccines News

From a sampling of these websites which i visited, it appears many are aggregators which automatically re-post articles from 3rd party sources. Many share a very similar template and offer a news letter subscription. And like Alex Jones, there is some good content among all these websites, however it isn't original content by and large.

I think Adams has some good intentions, however i also think that his seemingly insatiable appetite for 'clicks', 'likes' and advertising dollars has clouded his vision. When i recall how this ethically retarded dipshit capitalized upon the Vegas mass shooting with his half-assed "forensic spectral analysis", and the negative effect it may have had upon those who experienced that bloodbath, i have nothing but contempt for this Twitter twat.

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