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LocalCDN: a Decentraleyes fork

'nobody42' has forked the well known Decentraleyes add-on for Firefox, adding support for more CDNs and a handy rule generation function for uBlock and uMatrix. I'm testing LocalCDN now and will replace Decentraleyes in both of my Firefox config guides as well as my recommended add-ons page if all goes well. The source code is on GitLab.

3 thoughts on “LocalCDN: a Decentraleyes fork”

    1. if you have not enabled uBO’s advanced mode, you don’t, but i suggest adding the rules anyway in case you ever do enable it

      those rules whitelist the CDN domains so that LocalCDN can do its thing – not sure this is an accurate example since i don’t know exactly how LCDN works, but let’s say you visit a site that uses JS to pull CDN content, but you have JS disabled – LCDN wouldn’t see that it needs to kick in and override the request by providing the local resource

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