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And Jesus came and he looked upon the CSP issue and on the morning of the new millennium he (finally) fixed the damned thing.

I am happy to announce that the Content Security Policy (CSP) issue in Firefox which caused havoc with certain add-ons, including uBlock Origin and uMatrix, has been fixed in version 77 of the browser.

From reading the issues on Mozilla and the 'arkenfox' user.js project, i'm not sure it's fixed entirely, but at least it is fixed to the point where i don't believe it is necessary any longer to disable and enable your most important extensions (uBlock, uMatrix) in order to make sure they work correctly and a quick test on my part confirms this.

The Firefox Configuration Guide for Privacy Freaks and Performance Buffs page, the Firefox Extensions - My Picks page, and the uBlock Origin Suggested Settings page have all been updated accordingly.

There are no changes readers of my guides need to make, other than to optionally enable the 'Block data URL pages' in the Misc. section of the Canvas Blocker settings if you use this add-on.

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