Random thought: Is there more to the lunacy of the left than meets the eye?

The left vs. right game is just that; a game. Never lose sight of the fact that both teams are playing the same game with the same general goals, it's just that the antics of one are funnier than the antics of the other.

Regardless of whether team red or team blue is in power, nothing of any real substance is likely to change. The pandering to Israel will continue; the balkanization of the ME will continue, largely for the benefit of Israel; the central banks will continue to operate unmolested; the technocratic police state will continue to roll out; our potential as humans will continue to be suppressed; the U.S. and the world will continue to be operated by pedophiles and psychopaths and the Hegelian dialectic will continue to be the template used to manipulate the masses into doing whatever it is that the power brokers want them to do.

I am in no way a fan of the 'make Israel great again' gutless whore named Donald Trump. He is a dainty-handed, chubby, military service dodging coward who has duped a large portion of the masses with this 'drain the swamp'/MAGA/QAnon bullshit. Many of the same people who support this buffoon are well aware of some of the most serious issues faced by the U.S. and the world, a prime example being Israels influence in U.S. politics (and every other institution), yet they skirt the fact that Israel has praised Trump in the most novel ways, even naming a community in his honor, with the 'he's keeping his enemies close' fallacy. They ignore the leaked communiqué where powerful Jews were worried that Trump would lose in 2016 if they didn't do something. When your go-to response is to compartmentalize everything uncomfortable in a 'he's playing 3-D chess' meme, i suppose you can dismiss anything, no matter how egregious.

That said, the radical left are acting like imbecilic, dopamine deficient children screaming 'Russia!' at every opportunity and setting fires everywhere, partly to draw attention to "climate change" (because we can't call it 'global warming anymore), and then blaming Trump for burning their cities and forests. To a large extent i believe, they have failed to realize that movements like Black Lives Matter, Antifa, LGBT rights, political correctness, inclusiveness, etc., are not organic. These movements have been created or co-opted by the same super-rich, power-hungry assholes who the left falsely think they are attacking. Take BLM for example who wants to de-fund the police. This movement, which is absolutely terroristic and Marxist at its core, is being funded by entities who donate large sums of money to the police. Their stated goal is to "disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family". While there may be many well intentioned people withing BLM at the street level, it is clear from their statements on their own website that the core of the movement have nothing to do with enriching the lives of Blacks.

There are now countless examples of such ironies for all of these movements and they are all being led by people whose names, with the exception of Soros perhaps, most of them never heard of. And that is the point here; what are the goals of the psychopaths directing the puppets?

Biden, the absent minded, war-mongering, hair-sniffing pedophile he is, is probably worse, and that brings me to a question that's been rolling around in my head. The left is acting so laughably insane that i often wonder if the goal of its handlers is to purposely paint the left as a bunch of inclusive retards in order to ensure a Trump victory in 2020. Sound crazy? Maybe so, but 2020 has been a crazy year.

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